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[Beyond PlayStation] Super Dodgeball Beats Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Super Dodgeball Beats Review
  • On March 24, 2020

Rhythm-based arcade-style Super Dodgeball Beats is one you should check out on Nintendo Switch. Find out why in our Super Dodgeball Beats review!


In Super Dodgeball Beats, you’ll need to play along with the beat as you try to be victorious on the many dodgeball games you’ll get to play along to the eighteen track soundtrack. If you can get into the groove, you’ll get a chance to rise up through the galaxy’s ranks as you take your team from the bottom to the top, as you defeat team after team until you can take your group to become the champions.


Super Dodgeball Beats Review - 1

It’s very easy to get the hang of things. Your three team members and mascot are each mapped to the Y, X, B, and A buttons. You’ll need to press the button that corresponds to each of the team members along to the beat as a circle moves closer towards their center. Do it too early or too late, and you will fail, do it almost right or at the perfect time, and you will score points for your team. There will also be directional beats, for which you’ll need to move the left analog stick in the correct direction and the right timing, releasing the stick as the beat reaches the final team member. The last type is the long beat, for which you’ll have to press and hold a button until the outer circle fills up. You can also activate motion controls if you feel that’s your jam.


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As you land more beats, your power-up bar will fill up. Once it’s full, you can press the L, R, ZL or ZR button to unleash that power-up to hopefully aid you. There’s a bar at the upper center part of the screen, and the team that is doing best will move the ball towards their side of the bar. To win, you will need to have the ball on your side of the bar by the time the song ends. You can tell how much of a song you’ve played by checking the song’ progress bar at the bottom of the screen. You will get to learn all of this as you start your run with Super Dodgeball Beats since the game will throw you into a short tutorial so that you can practice all of it.


Super Dodgeball Beats Switch Review - 3

By taking on the Championship Mode, you’ll get to experience a single-player game in which the story will be told by way of fast-paced manga-style panels in black and white. The Championship Mode is split into three different difficulty settings, and you will start in the Rookie one so that you can get some experience under your belt before you dive into more challenging story beats. You’ll win matches, gain points, and climb up the chart as you try to make the playoffs by staying within the qualifying slots.


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Along with the Championship Mode, there’s also a Multiplayer Mode in which you can take on friends by way of local multiplayer. You’ll be able to select between the four available teams and eight different stages, as well as from all eighteen songs the game has to offer, as you try to settle the score and see who is really #1! It’s here that the different power-ups you can activate by landing combos will prove to be very valuable since if you time things right, you can screw up your opponent’s combos as you move the ball closer and closer to your side of the bar.


Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review - 5

Super Dodgeball Beats is a solid rhythm-based arcade-style game that is a lot of fun on the Nintendo Switch. The songs offer a nice set of beats to play along to, and the colorful graphics and great art style perfectly match the upbeat feeling you get from playing this one at home or on the go. Super Dodgeball Beats is out on Nintendo Switch for $12.99, and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

This Super Dodgeball Beats review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playstack.

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Fun rhythm-based arcade-style dodgeball experience