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[PlayStation 4] Ganbare! Super Strikers Review

  • On March 26, 2020

Tactical RPG and a soccer mix Ganbare! Super Strikers is ready for you. Learn more about this new Ratalaika release in our Ganbare! Super Strikers review!


Ganbare! Super Strikers is an innovative mix between Tactical RPG and Soccer. Win matches to level up and earn new equipment that will allow you to learn special abilities, boost your players’ stats or protect yourself against altered status effects.

Create your own Soccer team to take on the many rival teams in story mode! Can you join the National Japanese Soccer team to become the best soccer player in the world!?

Ganbare! Super Strikers, the new release from Ratalaika Games, is a tactical turn-based soccer game – known as football, depending on your region – in which your objective is to win matches and ultimately win the cup. As soon as you begin the campaign mode, you have the choice of selecting your character style, shirt, and team logo using the different available options. I had fun fine-tuning my characters, but there is also a randomize option if you want to skip the process and get started right away.

Ganbare! Super Strikers Review

As soon as you begin, you are offered a tutorial on how to play the game. Basically, each of the team members can perform a few actions per turn, such as move on the grid-based layout, dribble, pass, or shoot. Using those actions efficiently is key, and you’re encouraged to pass the ball to other players to be able to score a goal. Each action involving an opponent (like dribbling, passing, or shooting at the goal), requires power, and this value is compared to the opponent. This is done by mathematical computation between the initial force of the pass, minus the distance the ball travels, minus the power of every opponent that is close to the ball’s path. If the value is high enough, then the action will succeed.


Ganbare! Super Strikers PS4 Review

Each “half” of the match lasts 20 in-game minutes, with one minute being a turn taken by you or the AI. As I played, I realized that the matches were quite slow to unfold, and given the fact that the enemy can take control of the field, and then play during its turn, a game can drag for quite a few rounds with you only gaining control of the ball for a bit. As I played, I realized that this game had a lot in common with Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball.

Ganbare! Super Strikers PlayStation 4 Review

Once a match ends, each one of the team members will earn experience based on how well they performed in the match. Experience unlocks better stats for each character, similar to what would happen in an RPG. Players that did fewer things in the match will get less experience, so there’s a risk of having some defensive players falling being in the long run if they’re not trying to tackle all opponents that come within their range.

As for the game’s presentation, I liked how it was colorful and vivid, and the soundtrack was certainly catchy. Trophy wise, this is a release that will take longer than usual. Most Ratalaika releases have a shorter overall gameplay time required for unlocking a new Platinum, but for this one, you will need to win every match in the campaign while also completing several secondary objectives. Instead of a short run, you can expect to play around 6 hours or so to get your Platinum.

Ganbare! Super Strikers Review


Final Thoughts
Ganbare! Super Strikers is a colorful soccer game, but it’s one that won’t be everyone given to how slow a match takes, and how “long” achieving the Platinum will take you to unlock. If you’re into soccer, then this one might be up your alley.


PSN Price: $9.99
PSN Game size: 420MB


This Ganbare! Super Strikers review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Slow but colorful tactical-RPG soccer