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[PlayStation 4] Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet Review


Visual novel Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is a visual novel by NomnomNami and Ratalaika Games was originally released during the YuriJam in 2015. Learn more in our Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet review!


The story of the game is set in a peaceful town that’s full of magic, except for the Atelier Sweets, a candy shop that relies on non-magical alchemy to create its treats. Syrup runs the store with the sole purpose of doing her thing without ever using any kind of magic. One day, she enters her basement and discovers a human-sized golem made out of candy that was obviously created by magic. This is where your first interactions in the game will take place as you have the choice of eating her or not!

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet Review

As a visual novel, the game only consists of making choices, which can alter the story in many different ways. So you read some interactions between the different characters of the game, make some choice as to how you want to handle Syrup’s decisions, and aim for one of the many endings the game has to offer. There are a total of ten different endings in the game, five of which are considered good, and the other five are the bad ones. Although some endings are pretty quick to get (I got to one of the bad endings in about 10 minutes), you still have a lot of replay value to try different dialogue combinations to get all of them.


The game’s theme is perfectly represented in the visuals with some nice pastel colored backgrounds and many colorful characters in the front. One thing I also really liked is to see that on top of all the different languages available, there was another option to change to a different font for the English language for people who would have difficulties reading the game’s default font.

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet PS Vita Review

People who read my reviews regularly know I’m not a fan of visual novels, but with this one’s short playthrough time, I ended up really having a good time! The story is simple, with just a candy shop owner with a temper, and it works great! The dialogues are funny, and the different characters you meet during the game all have their own little thing that makes them stand out in one way or another. I also liked the number of endings the game has. Each playthrough is rather short, but having to get ten different endings if you want to see it all adds a lot of replay value.


As for the trophies, all you have to do is get all ten endings, and then the Platinum is yours! Unless you use a guide, this will take some time to find out which dialogue options will open up a new path that will lead you to one of those endings. And, as is the case for most of the games that are published by Ratalaika Games, you have an easy chance of getting a second Platinum trophy for your collection if you also own a PlayStation Vita, since this is a cross-buy release.

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet PS4 Review


Final Thoughts
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is a short but fun visual novel that will be a lot of fun to get through. At a small price tag like this, you can’t go wrong with what the game has to offer in terms of gameplay.

Price: $4.99 USD
PSN Game Size: 195MB

This Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Short but enjoyable visual novel