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[Beyond PlayStation] Hidden Through Time Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Hidden Through Time Review
  • On March 31, 2020

Hidden Through Time from Crazy Monkey Studios is a fun hide and seek in which you’ll search for objects through the history of the world. Learn more in our Hidden Through Time review!


Crazy Monkey Studios, the developers who gave us the very fun Guns, Gore & Cannoli, and the aptly named sequel Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 – as well as real-time strategy game (RTS) Warparty, is now back with a very different type of game: a hidden object release! Hidden Through Time will have you searching for many objects that have been hidden through the world’s history. You’ll traverse through the four great eras, as you try to find at least enough objects to be able to clear each stage.


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Your first stop will be the Story Mode for Hidden Through Time. In here, you will start in the Stone Age during a T-Rex attack. To open up more stages for each era, you will need to find a set number of objects or individuals before you can carry on to the next one. The first handful of stages will only have a few items to find, serving as the game’s tutorial so that you can get the hang of things before you dive into later levels. The further you progress in the game, the more overall objects you’ll have to find in each level, so you’ll need to pay more attention to what you’re doing.


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In Hidden Through Time, you’ll move the on-screen cursor with the left analog stick, moving the camera with the right one. You can zoom in and out with the L and R buttons, clicking on things with the A button. There’s also the option of playing by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen to tap on things and move the view around by tapping and dragging the screen when playing in Tabletop or Portable mode, or if you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite. Both options are easy to use and will allow you to quickly find what you’re looking for – as long as you pay attention!


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Not all objects will be available out in the open since some of them might be hidden behind other objects or could be hidden inside of, say, a tent that is blocking your view. Once you find all of the objects the game is asking you to find – which are displayed in the bottom of the screen – you can move on to the next map, or stay for a bit to interact with everything on display. You could, for example, click on the humans in the stone age to make them grunt, click on a torch to light it up or click on the T-Rex to make it growl.


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But, what will you do once you’ve found all of the hidden objects in Hidden Through Time? Will that put an end to the fun? Not at all! Hidden Through Time has a map editor that will allow you to create your own levels! Once you’re ready to share them, you can upload them to the cloud, so that players from around the world can take them for a spin. This also means that you can check out and play the levels created by other players, and you can even rate them based on your experience.


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Hidden Through Time is a fun and relaxing hidden object game that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. The game offers a ton of content, presented in a colorful game with a nice art style, all for a budget price of only $7.99. It’s a solid game from Crazy Monkey Studios, and one I had a great time playing on Nintendo’s console.

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This Hidden Through Time review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Crazy Monkey Studios.

Review Overview

Very fun and relaxing hidden object puzzle experience