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How Gaming and Gambling is Changing due to Modern Technology Trends

How Gaming and Gambling is Changing due to Modern Technology Trends

Ever since the beginning of advancement in technology, we were aware that many things were going to change over time and become better and better. All industries have benefited from the constant technological advancements and discoveries and while some benefitted more than others, like the gaming and gambling industry.

Online casino games developers and PlayStation game makers adapted to new technologies as they were coming out almost instantly and the scene for them changed significantly over the past few years. At first, the best casino entertainment was only available in certain land-side casinos and video games were actually arcade ones with mediocre graphics.

History of Gaming and Social Casino Games

Games have been around for centuries, first in the form of board games. Later on they developed into card games around the 17th century when the first casinos also appeared, along with some tailor made casino top games that would satisfy the need of gambling the population had.

After a few centuries, a board game was introduced in the US, which was called The Mansion of Happiness, and around the same time, the first slot machine was invented as well, give or take around 50 years. By the 19th century, all kinds of board games were introduced to the market and were printed on paper because the population became addicted to them and they were in high demand. In 1937 the first computer was made and it made way for the improvement of playing and gambling because shortly afterward, the first video entertainment software was introduced to the market, and suddenly, it was a new era for the gaming industry and an enormous possibility for new casino gaming technologies.

Around the year 2000, there was a surge in demand because of the introduction of smartphones and PlayStation and both entertainment developers took on this challenge to satisfy the demand, which is when some of the best casino games were made and published to be used on the go. There were already PC casino games available on the web but a lot of people wanted to enjoy their favorite entertainment on the go, so companies decided to put their effort into building the same ones for smartphones.

Modern Technologies in Casino and Gaming Industry and How They Changed Everything

Available anytime and anywhere

Internet access is widely available today and it’s filled with all kinds of gambling and PlayStation entertainment – all available for you to play non-stop. All you need is an internet connection and a device that supports the software you want to run. Before the internet was introduced, none of these were available all the time so that’s one way that new technologies were able to affect these two industries. Many of casinos online have adapted their software to be available for players that are commuting to and from work and be able to play on their mobiles.

Modern devices and improved graphics

The introduction of PCs with advanced graphic cards, the evolution of the PlayStation and Xbox brands, as well as other consoles in the video game industry was finally able to improve the way all games look, making them more and more realistic since the machines could finally handle it. The same happened in the gambling industry. Using casino innovative technologies the developers were able to improve the sounds, graphics and effects of their software and even introduce live dealer software that raised the entire experience of online gambling. A lot of them were also designed to play on devices such as smartphones and tablets, which have touchscreens, so the challenge developers had in front of them is adapting their already famous software for these modern devices. Most of them either managed to adapt them or invent new ones that were just as good with incredible graphics and gameplay.

VR Gaming and Gambling

A recent development in technology has enabled developers to create entertainment software that is set in 3D environments, allowing the player to fully explore the digital world. Most of these are designed for the player to be able to interact with everything in their surrounding area. This goes both for video games and casino software. They both require special gear to be played such as Oculus or HTC Vive, as well as the PlayStation VR headset, which can be a little expensive but as technology is going forward, many gambling websites are following the trend and many 10 minimum deposit casinos have VR games in their repertoire. Some casinos even have voice recognition casino game software added to their software to make everything even more realistic.

Best VR Casino Games and Video Games

Social Club VR

An incredibly realistic VR casino game that is so well designed and adapted for VR that the experience playing it is just like being on the casino floor.

Beat Saber VR

A very popular rhythmic entertainment software that involves a virtual reality in which you’re holding two lightsabers and you have to slice the oncoming blocks. The lightsabers are two different colors and the blocks coming your way are those same colors, so you have to slice them using the proper colored lightsaber.