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[Beyond PlayStation] The Complex Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Complex Review
  • On April 2, 2020

The Complex from Wales Interactive is a full-motion video sci-fi thriller that will grab your attention from start to finish. Learn more in our The Complex review!


In The Complex from Wales Interactive, Good Gate Media, and Little Jade Productions, you will take on the role of Doctor Amy Tenant, a leader in the advancement of nanocell technology. The game begins with her in Kindar, in South-East Asia, where she’s trying to treat a pair of patients who have been affected by a toxin that was released into the streets. One of the patients was just out on the streets playing soccer, while the other one seems to be one of the targets of the attacks since she opposes the Supreme Leader.


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Since The Complex is an interactive movie, talking too much about the game’s story or characters could end up spoiling things for those of you who will take this game for a spin on the Nintendo Switch. Because of this, I will only mention the starting sequence to give you an idea of what you’re going to be going up against. As you talk to other characters, you could end up being a bit more direct – and blunt – with them, or you could end up giving them more soothing or relaxing answers. One or the other will end up affecting your relationship with them, and this is one of the things that will end up affecting which of the many endings you will get.


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Another type of choice is going to be a bit more drastic. Take, for example, the first major choice in the game. With two patients that are being affected by a toxin, Doctor Tenant decides to use a vial of medicine to treat them so that they can start to recover from the attack. Sounds good, right? Well, the problem is that it turns out there’s only a single vial of the medicine left, so you will need to decide who is going to get it. Who will get to live? Will you save the one who was out playing soccer? Or will you save the female insurgent who happens to also be pregnant?


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You have the option of making some changes to the game in the Settings to make the whole experience easier to follow as you take on this science fiction adventure game. You might want to turn on the subtitles so that you don’t lose any part of the story. Something else to consider is that when The Complex presents you with a choice to make, you will have a short window of opportunity to decide what you’ll be doing. You can change this by going into the Settings menu and changing Pause Choices to On so that the game pauses every time you’re given a choice to make.

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I really liked my time with The Complex. As a fan of both adventure games and full-motion video games, I was looking forward to seeing what the latest game from publisher Wales Interactive would bring to the table after enjoying the other great games they’ve released, such as The Bunker and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker. The Complex is a great option for fans of the genre, and it features a great cast that gives an outstanding performance in a solid interactive movie you should download today on Nintendo Switch. With different endings to reach, there’s certainly some added replay value for The Complex, which is out now on Nintendo Switch for only $12.99.

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This The Complex review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wales Interactive.

Review Overview

Solid interactive movie with a great performance from its cast