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[Beyond PlayStation] Mathland Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Mathland Review
  • On April 3, 2020

Mathland is a colorful and fun educational game for the whole family, now out on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Mathland review!


Mathland from Artax Games is a fun educational game with math problems for kids ages 5 to 9 and beyond… and for those of you who are young at heart! If you’re taking on Mathland along with one of your kids, the first step to take will be to add your kid’s age so that the game knows who will be playing, and that way, the problems will be tailored based on how old your kid is. There are roughly three general age groups for the game, for kids 5-6, 7-8, and 9+ years old. The first group will have them add and subtract with small numbers, and sorting numbers from lowest to highest and highest to lowest. The second group will have them do math problems with larger numbers and amounts, as well as taking on multiplication tables. The last group has them tackle more complex operations, along with divisions that will reinforce and develop advanced mental arithmetic abilities.

Mathland Nintendo Switch Review - 5


Once my son and I had taken care of the first steps, we then got a series of math problems to solve, which rewarded us with some spyglasses after our time was up. Some of the answers to the math problems would also provide some extra time so that we could continue to play the math problems mini-game a bit more. Spyglasses are used for selecting new sections, which would include new mini-games to solve. This being a game called Mathland, there are addition, subtraction, division, time tables, and comparisons mini-games to take on. Once you’re in a section, you can select a type of problem to solve, and you’ll then use the collected spyglasses to open up an option.


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Next up, we got to a game in which my son was controlling a character who could use his hands to break apart blocks blocking his path, as he collected many coins in his path. This took place on an island presented from an isometric perspective. Once he collected enough coins, the old and wise master on the other side of the island granted him a key to open the door that was guarding a treasure chest that contained a gem. While doing this, he was also rewarded with a coin for Pirate Blackbeard near a pirate flag for collecting a specific amount of total coins in that level. There are many coins to find, which will be added to the virtual coin album.

Mathland Switch Review - 2

His character had three hearts representing his hit points. Falling into the water, being hit by a cannonball, touching fast-paced flying parrot, or being bitten by a carnivorous plant will remove one heart. If all hearts are lost, then he would respawn at the last pirate flag that was activated. Thanks to the checkpoints, there wasn’t a lot of progress lost when he lost all of his hit points, so he was able to quickly carry on and complete the stage after learning from his mistakes.


To be able to play on other islands, my son had to go back to play in the Math Zone to play the free levels that were available right away, or spend coins to get one of the other math mini-games from a separate set that would also offer more spyglasses as a reward. The mini-games that cost coins would usually offer harder math problems but would also provide more spyglasses for each right answer. Some would have two numbers on the left side, asking that my son find the answer, while others would have one number and the answer, requiring him to place the missing number. And then there were some on which all spots were left blank, and for those, he had to come up with the equations all on his own.

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As you play through each stage, there are going to be 26 gems to collect from the treasure chests you have to open at the end of each level. Because of this, there are also 26 coins to collect, if you want to 100% the game and fill your coin album. Later levels had us searching for different things to complete some contraptions – such as a catapult, to be able to open the path leading to the treasure chest.

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Mathland is a fun educational game for young kids and families to play together. It offers a nice way of helping kids learn and reinforce their math skills by playing a colorful video game that will tailor the experience to their age, skills, and abilities. It’s out now on Nintendo Switch for a budget $5.99.

This Mathland review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Artrax Games.

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Fun educational game for young kids and families to play together