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[Beyond PlayStation] Melbits World Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Melbits World Review
  • On April 8, 2020

Cooperative puzzle game Melbits World is a charming and colorful adventure in which communication is key. Learn more about it in our Melbits World review!


Your adventure in Melbits World will start with a notification message letting you know that you have no Melbits in the game. Because of this, you’ll have to continuously press the A button – or any other button on the controller – to attract some Melbits to your game. After this, the game will say it’s searching your network for any potential Melbits that can join in on the fun. Do this right, and you’ll win your first set of Melbits for your game. The more you play, the more Melbits you’re going to get!

As you take on the stages that Melbits World has to offer, you will start to unlock more Melbits, which will give you a chance to unlock new accessories that you can use to customize each of your Melbits, as well as unlocking new stickers for your Album, as well as new worlds to explore! Speaking of the Album, there are twelve stickers to unlock, and they include a Football… ball, a Treasure Map, a Skateboard, an Arcade Machine, an Invader, a Joy Stick, a pair of Slippers, some Tropical Juice beverage, an Ice Cream, an Electric Guitar, a Clapboard, and a painting. These stickers will be unlocked as you save the different types of Melbits as you play each of the different worlds.

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Melbits World is a multiplayer game, which means that you’re going to need at least two players to take on this one, but up to four players can join in on the fun. The Melbits will walk around each area, and it’s up to the players to save them by moving platforms and other things around. If you’re playing on your own, the Nintendo Switch version includes a special Tactile Mode, which allows you to play the game in Portable or Tabletop Mode, so that you can control everything with the Nintendo Switch’s screen – this also applies to those of you playing on a Nintendo Switch lite.


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Each of the worlds that you visit will have a different set of stages for you to complete. Worry not because the difficulty will start to ramp up as you go so that you can get a chance to learn the basics and get the hang of things before there is too much stuff going on. Select the Melbit members of your squad, customize it if you want to, and then you’ll be ready to dive in! Once a level starts, each of the players will be controlling different things on a stage, and these will be color-coded to let each player know what they need to do.

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Melbits will start to walk out of one pipe on the level, and they will need to be helped so that they can reach the exit pipe on another section of the game. Each level has a set number of Melbits for you to save and depending on how fast you manage to save them, and how many of the Melbits you end up saving without sending them out of the stage and down to their doom, you will get a boost to your score. If you manage to save all of the Melbits, then you’re going to get a Perfect for your efforts, as long as you grab all extra collectibles!


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You see, as you play through each stage, there are going to be three square energy seeds with a smiley face on them. Collect all three and save all of the Melbits for the stage, and you’ll be able to achieve that Perfect grade for the level. There will also be some presents that will pop up, and you’ll have to send a Melbits through its path so that it can grab it. If it reaches the exit with the present in its hand, then it will be added to your collectibles. Each level is on a timer, and once you’re running out of time, the game will spawn a clock power-up that will give you some extra time to continue trying to solve the puzzle.

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Based on your actions in the game, you’ll also get to unlock one of the 28 trophies that the game has for you. The objectives include things such as playing a world with three players, getting 40 new Melbits, letting the Melbits dance for a whole three minutes when they’re at the level completion screen, using the fast-forward control option non-stop for 20 seconds, saving five Melbits with the Save Melbits power-up, picking up 50 presents, completing a level by saving four Melbits while also collecting all three square energy seeds in a stage, and more.

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Melbits World is a fun puzzle game for the whole family that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. It has a colorful and charming cast of characters and a nice difficulty curve that ramps up the challenge as you progress to new worlds. Melbits World is out right now on Nintendo Switch for only $9.99.

This Melbits World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.

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Fun single-player and multiplayer puzzle experience