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[PlayStation 4] Thunder Paw Review

[PlayStation 4] Thunder Paw Review

Thunder Paw is an action side-scroller from Sergio Poverony and Ratalaika Games with two easy Platinums for you. Learn more in our Thunder Paw review!


The game starts with a brief introduction to give you a bit of a background on why you’ll do what you’ll do. You are a dog that was casually playing with a ball in a clearing. You suddenly hear a loud explosion that blasts the windows of your home and the trees surrounding it. As you get back to your destroyed house, you find a letter telling you that your parents were taken, and that nothing will happen to them if you stay put. Obviously, this will not be an option, and you’ll gain control of Thunder, who is on a quest to save the day!

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The game plays as a side-scroller shooter, with occasional platforming sections that have you go either side of the screen depending on the levels. The only controls you’ll need to worry about are using the X button to jump and the Square button to shoot your weapon. Once you eventually gain access to another weapon, you’ll be able to cycle between them by using the Circle button.


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There are a total of 20 levels in the game, separated into five worlds of four levels each. At the end of each world’s fourth level, a boss will be waiting for you. In each level, you’ll see in the top right corner the total number of enemies the level has, and the number you have killed so far. To be able to finish a level, you have to kill all the enemies in the level, or once you reach the exit, you won’t be able to continue to the next level. Most of the time, enemies are easy to find, but some levels will require you to backtrack a bit, depending on the paths you’ve taken.

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The first thing I noticed when I played the game was the recoil effect when shooting your gun. With each shot you fire, your character takes a few steps back, which will affect how you play the game. It adds a little something extra to consider when you’re trying to shoot at enemies, and you’re standing on small platforms or near a ledge, and this does help t makes the game a little more interesting. And since your gun, without being powered up, has almost no range, to shoot an enemy you will need to get in his face.

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On the plus side, since the game is pretty basic, you’re in for a short and easy Platinum trophy run. Each level has a hidden box you have to find, but from a trophy perspective, you only have to find the box in the first 12 levels of the game. Getting there will also give you the trophies for defeating the first and second boss, and the Platinum will be yours – it’s as simple as that! If you have a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita, you’ll be able to take advantage of the game’s Cross-Buy and separate trophy lists.


Final Thoughts

Thunder Paw doesn’t have anything exceptional to make it stand out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It’s a straightforward action platformer with a Platinum trophy that will take trophy hunters an hour to get per console.

Thunder Paw PlayStation 4 Review - 5

Price: $4.99 USD
PSN Game Size: 40MB

This Thunder Paw review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Okay side-scroller that has an easy Platinum trophy