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[Beyond PlayStation] One Person Story Review

[Beyond PlayStation] One Person Story Review
  • On April 13, 2020

One Person Story from Drageus Games and Lampogolovii is a minimalist puzzle game with a clean look. Learn more in our One Person Story review!


One Person Story from Drageus Games and Lampogolovii places you in control of a sphere that is always in motion, always interacting with the elements around it. The sphere, which is born at the start of the game, represents a person and its life – it could represent you and your life. The sphere goes through different feelings of joy and pain, as all of us do in life. Over the hundred stages it has to offer, you will get small tips for each level from the messages presented on the sides of the screen.

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The controls match the game’s minimalist look since you’ll only be using the one button to control what happens in One Person Story. As you progress through each of the short stages and chapters, you will press and hold the A button to interact with your surroundings as you try to avoid the different hazards that will make try to destroy your sphere. There will be barriers keeping you from progressing forward, doors that will need to be opened with the help of keys, and other spheres that might be able to help you in your journey.

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Pointy spikes are always bad news in video games, and they’re something you have to avoid at all costs in One Person Story. As your sphere bounces on the walls of each stage, you will need to plan things right to keep it bouncing onwards and away from anything that is spiky. This means that with every press of the A button, you will have to time things right so that the barriers that you bring into existence or remove from the area make it possible for the sphere to carry onward into the next stage in one piece. The A button will do other things as you progress through the game, as you discover new solutions to the problems in life.

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Depending on your skill level for puzzle games, you’re going to spend an hour and change – two hours tops – playing this one from start to finish. It’s a short and minimalist game with a bit of an arcade nature that you should check out on Nintendo’s console. One Person Story is out on Nintendo Switch for a low $2.99.

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This One Person Story review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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Fun minimalist puzzle experience