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[PlayStation 4] My Friend Pedro Review

[PlayStation 4] My Friend Pedro Review

My Friend Pedro by Devolver Digital and DeadToast Entertainment is a shooter that involves slowing down time and a talking banana. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, check our My Friend Pedro review!


The story starts with you as some guy with a mask on his face, waking up in a room. In front of you is Pedro, urging you to leave the place. The thing is, Pedro is a talking banana. Still, you decide to follow him and end up seeing a butcher that’s more into illegal business than into meat. After killing one of his men, Pedro gives you the only logical advice: kill them all. And then your violent bullet ballet begins!

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The game plays in a side-scrolling perspective, where you have to reach the end of each level. There are a few levels in each of the chapters the game offers. You’ll be able to jump and wall jump with the Cross button, which your character does gracefully with some fluid movements. Shooting is done with the R2 button, while you aim with the right analog stick. When dual-wielding, you have the possibility of split aiming. This is done by holding L2 to target an opponent and then aiming normally at another one and shoot with R2. This will have the effect of shooting in both directions.


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To dodge bullets coming your way, all you have to do is press the L1 button, and you will perform a ballet spin, which can also be done while shooting! The other significant aspect of the gameplay is Focus Mode, which is time-limited and can be activated by pressing the L3 button. When active, time slows down, and your standard jumps become flips and twists as you continue to aim and shoot at enemies in the fanciest and most violent of ways.

When you complete a level, you’ll be given a rank based on your score, which can be higher if you’re able to chain combos while shooting enemies, the time it took to complete the level, the total number of enemies killed, if you didn’t die during the level and the difficulty. Speaking of which, there are three difficulties in the game; Normal, Hard, and Bananas. The speed at which your energy recharges and the reaction time of your enemies are the things that vary the most while going up the difficulty ladder, so do keep that in mind!

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Visually, the game offers some nice detailed levels both in the plane you play on as well as in the background. There are also a lot of effects that make the game interesting as your environment can become a weapon with things like frying pans that you can make your bullets bounce from. The soundtrack is also an excellent mix of electronic songs that have a way of blending in with your moves and the gunshot sounds. It all fits nicely with the tempo the game sets as you get used to the gameplay mechanics.

Could something go wrong with a masked dude and a talking banana shooting everything in sight with some ballet moves? Well, for me, nothing went wrong, because the game is a blast! There wasn’t too much in the story for me to be honest, but it didn’t matter as I was there to shoot stuff and make some fancy moves while slowing time down. The first few levels start off slow, but things eventually kick into high gear, with bullets flying in every direction. This is where the fun and all the fancy moves make the game amazing.

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On top of the shooting action, there are also a few puzzles here and there for which you have to weigh down some platforms or flip some levers to make a passage to continue forward in the level. It’s a nice change of pace between the action scenes, and it’s not the kind of puzzles that will leave you searching for an hour, so you’re not too far from the next action sequence. But in the end, what I enjoyed the most was being able to slow down time in a move that reminded me of the good old days of The Matrix or Max Payne. Watching everything slow down while you carefully aim at your enemies – as you drop down a cable is just pure wonder, and I never grew tired of doing it.

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As for the trophies, this game could prove to be a little challenging to get all of the trophies. While there are a few that are awarded for simply getting through all the chapters in the game, and some trophies for specific actions such as kicking a skateboard at the face of an enemy, there’s one that will require a lot of skills: if you want that Platinum trophy, you’ll have to beat all the levels with an S rank, which will probably require that you play on Bananas difficulty. Definitely not an easy task!

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My Friend Pedro could have been a simple side-scrolling shooter but ended up being a much better experience than I was expecting, thanks to time-slowing gameplay mechanics, and awesome animations for your character. This game should be in the library of every fan of the genre, so be sure to add it to your PlayStation 4 collection!

This My Friend Pedro review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Devolver Digital.

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Solid time-slowing ballet shooting action!