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[PlayStation 4] Duck Souls+ Review


Duck Souls+ from Green Dinosaur Games and Ratalaika Games tells the story of a little duck on a mission to find all the eggs to save his species. Learn more in our Duck Souls+ review!

Duck Souls+ is a fast-paced, action platformer about a little duck with an incredible skill to dash and a mission, find all the eggs to save his species.


The game starts with your character surrounded by ghost ducks, asking him to go on a quest to retrieve all their eggs, which have been scattered around, so that the species can be saved. He’s then given a special cherry that allows him to do a powerful dash, and off he goes on his quest!

Each level is played in the scope of a single screen, so you can see the whole level right from the start. Your goal in each of them is simple: make it to the egg that’s at the other end of the level. Depending on the complexity of each stage, there can be one or more checkpoints scattered on your path so that you don’t have to start the level over if you die. Because, as if the name didn’t clue you in on things, you’ll die a lot while playing this one! The game even tells you the number of deaths you are now at a level each time you die.

Duck Souls+ PS4 Review

In the first few levels, only pits will be the obstacles between you and the egg. But as you progress, the game will gradually introduce new hazards to make it even harder to get to the end. There’ll be fireballs, spinning blades, platforms that disappear once you touch a switch, and even more challenging stuff like homing missiles, laser beams, and ghosts that can go through walls. On some levels, the hazards will have to be navigated in with the use of cherries that float around, which gives you an extra dash when you grab them.


The levels feature some nice pixelated graphics, with a different theme every few levels that help to add some variety in the environments and generally indicate that new hazards will be introduced. One thing I found a bit annoying is that your character never starts in the same location from one level to another, so I always spent a few seconds trying to find my duck before being able to start since it’s very small.

Duck Souls+ PlayStation 4 Review

While the first few levels were easy to get by without dying, the game quickly ramped things up a little bit to make a natural progression to more challenging levels. A few of them, scattered here and there, received a difficulty spike that got my death toll to over 20. This might seem frustrating, but it’s not, since the levels generally last only a few minutes at most. Dying in them is just part of it, and it’s not long to continue from the last checkpoint you got.


Duck Souls+ PlayStation 4 Review

There are 100 levels to complete, so with the length of each one, the game will last you roughly one evening before you’ve completed it. There’s obviously no replay value unless you want to replay the same levels over again, but the game provides enough fun after playing its 100 stages. It doesn’t get repetitive enough to be boring, which would have easily been the downfall of a game like this.

As for the trophies, getting through the 100 levels will get you all but one trophy (other than the Platinum trophy, of course). The only other trophy left is to find an easter egg in one of the levels, something I would highly suggest you search for in the 75th level! Do this, and you’ll have added one new Platinum trophy to your collection.

Duck Souls+ PS4 Review


Final Thoughts
Duck Souls+ is a fun little platformer that will have you die quite a few times but is fun enough to make you continue until the end of your adventure. If you add to this the fact that you can get two Platinum trophies – one on PS4 and one on PS Vita -, as well as the game’s low price tag, and it becomes a good purchase that’ll be worth your time for an evening.

Price: $4.99 USD
PSN Game Size: 40MB

This Duck Souls+ review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Fun and challenging platformer at times!