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[Beyond PlayStation] Ego Protocol: Remastered Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Ego Protocol: Remastered Review
  • On April 22, 2020

Ego Protocol: Remastered from No Gravity Games and Static Dreams is a retro-infused platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Ego Protocol: Remastered!


Ego Protocol was initially released on Steam back in 2016, and it’s now out on Nintendo Switch as Ego Protocol: Remastered. It offers 60 levels in which you’ll be trying to take a robot safely through each stage. To do this, you’ll have to escort it from point A to point B by manipulating a stage’s tiles so that you can clear a safe path for the robot as it collects the key needed to open the teleportation exit.

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You’ll be doing this by using four specific gameplay mechanics. You can move columns by pressing the A button and moving them with the left analog stick. As you can probably imagine, you can also manipulate rows to move the tiles into the position needed for your robot to succeed. There’s also the swapper option, which will have you swapping tiles on the same row or column. The last one is for when there’s one tile missing from the layout, giving you a blank space you can manipulate by placing other tiles in it.

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Some parts of a stage will allow you to perform other actions for your robot, such as jumping, shooting, running, or coming to a complete stop. By using these abilities at the right time, you can instruct the robot to act as needed in order for it to survive. You can perform these actions by pressing the Y button, except for running, which is mapped to the L and R buttons. There’s also the option of controlling the game entirely by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop mode, or when playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

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As you take on each of the 60 stages, you can try and collect Ego Fragments as you help your robot make it to the exit, in order to boost your overall score. To do this, you will need to keep in mind that there are trapdoors that you can only cross once, teleporters that will transport you from one spot of the stage to another, turrets that will shoot deadly bullets, mines, and enemies that will attack you as soon as you come too close to them. Each of the stages needs to be completed before time runs out, so hopefully, you can learn from your mistakes as you try to find the solution to each puzzle. Depending on your performance, you’ll be rated and given up to a three-star grade for a level, which ads some extra replay value if you want to 100% the game.

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Ego Protocol: Remastered is a clever 2D puzzle game with easy to understand gameplay mechanics and a challenge that ramps up at a steady and fair pace. You’ll be spending a handful of hours trying to solve it’s 60 puzzles at home or on the go. Ego Protocol Remastered is available on Nintendo Switch for an asking price of $4.99.

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This Ego Protocol: Remastered review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by No Gravity Games.

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Clever retro-infused puzzle platformer