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[Beyond PlayStation] Portal Dogs Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Portal Dogs Review
  • On April 24, 2020

Portal Dogs from Brain Connected is a 2D puzzle platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Portal Dogs review!


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In Portal Dogs, you will be controlling dogs on a 2D puzzle platformer as you try and help them get to their portal. Simple, right? For each of the game’s levels, you will start by controlling the King of dogs – who wears a crown – as he searches for his loyal subjects so that you can aid them to get to their portal. Along the way, you will need to avoid hazards, such as the always deadly spikes, as you try to stay alive. When you collect a dog, it will move at the same time as the King dog, which is why levels are never as simple as they first seem.

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In every level you will be graded on one of three elements: if you managed to get the King to his portal – which is easy to spot since it’s the larger one of the two portals -, if you managed to get your loyal subjects to their smaller – but still powerful enough – portal, and if you collected the special bonus golden bone in the stage before doing the whole portals thing. Do all three things, and you will get a Perfect for that level.


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Things start easy enough, with just the one extra dog to find and take to the portal, but you’ll soon be having to press switches to disable lasers, use trampolines to gain the extra momentum needed to reach a platform, use platforms that move on their own, avoid deadly robots out to kill you or find keys to open locks. And as you progress through the game, you will find machines that transform the King dog, and its subjects into other things, such as a dog/car hybrid that can’t be damaged by fire or enemies, but who can’t jump.

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Portal Dogs is a short 2D puzzle platformer available at a budget price on Nintendo Switch. You can complete its 45 stages in an hour and change, adding another hour or so on top – depending on your platforming skills – if you want to get a Perfect on every level to 100% the game. Portal Dogs is out on Nintendo Switch for $4.99.

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This Portal Dogs review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Brain Connected.

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Budget 2D puzzle platformer with a good challenge