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[PlayStation 4] Braveland Trilogy Review


Braveland Trilogy by Tortuga Games and Ellada Games is a fun package that bundles three games on PS4. Learn more in our Braveland Trilogy review!

Braveland Trilogy is a compilation of three great turn-based adventure RPGs for the Nintendo Switch – the original Braveland , Braveland Pirate, and Braveland Wizard. Each game in the trilogy offers classic tactical combat and role-playing gameplay combined with new challenges, heroes, henchmen, enemies, and environments – and all three versions are playable on the Switch for the first time!


Although set in the same land, but different places, the three chapters of the game feature different heroes and stories. The first one is about a warrior’s son who was leading a quiet life in his village until bandits came and attacked the village, killing anyone who resisted. He decides to put on his father’s old armor and goes on a quest to pursue those villains. The second story is about a wizard who graduated from the Academy of Magic that goes on an adventure that will take her through many territories. The last one is about a pirate, the captain of a ship, who’s on his quest to search for the Eternal Treasure, which will take him through many islands.

Advancing the story in each of them is done by exploring a map where you can move on a linear path with a few optional branching paths here and there. Each spot you land on will either be for some dialogue with people you come by, in order to advance the story, battles, or some shops. The story cutscenes aren’t that elaborate, but they still serve as a nice narrative throughout your playthrough.

Braveland Trilogy PS4 Review - 2

When you enter the battles, you are presented with a small arena with hexagonal tiles, with your units on one side and the enemies on the other. Each unit class you have available will be on the battlefield with a number on them that represents the number of units you have for that class. The more units you have, the more hits you can take and hopefully survive your battle. When it’s one of your unit’s turns, you can move them as far as the colored tiles will indicate you, which will vary depending on the character classes. After you’ve moved them, you’ll be able to attack your enemies if they are within reach. Some classes will be able to attack from afar, like archers, with more damage being dealt if they are closer to the target. At the end of the battles, you’ll gain experience points and gold, which will be used to heal the units you lost during battle and to purchase some stuff at shops.

Braveland Trilogy PS4 Review - 3

You will also get to recruit more units for each unit type, as well as new units, as you advance through the story. As you level up, you’ll gain access to a bigger number of units to recruit in total for each unit type, so that you can make your group stronger. You can also buy special abilities for the different classes, which can be unleashed in battles with the Square button. In other shops, you will be able to purchase gear for your hero character, which can have an effect on some or all of your units, such as stronger attacks for all your units or things like 20% stronger attacks for archers only.


The game’s visuals, both in battles and when on the map, feature some colorful artwork and a cartoonish look that fits the game perfectly. You’ll take control of lots of different units and see lots of enemies throughout the three games, and all are nicely detailed and have animations that fit their style.

Braveland Trilogy PlayStation 4 Review

[PlayStation 4] Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Review

When I started playing the game, I was immediately charmed by its bright and colorful looks. The story definitely didn’t blow me away like the stellar Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mar, which I reviewed last year, but the game is not aiming to be that kind of strategy RPG. It’s more of a lite approach to the genre, and if this is what you are expecting, you’ll have a really good time with the game. With up to a maximum of 5 unit classes on the board for the battles, it doesn’t go deep into the strategy part, and battles generally don’t last long, so it’s easy to pick up the game for a few battles without investing all your evening.


And even with its simplicity, there are still a lot of things you can do to try different strategies. Since you gain more character classes than you can bring in battles, you’ll have different combinations to try to see what best fits your gameplay. The different upgrades you can equip will also have you playing around with units and equipment to maximize your effectiveness.

Braveland Trilogy PlayStation 4 Review

As for the trophies, you should be able to get most of them by simply playing the three different chapters of the game. If you are aiming for the Platinum, though, you’ll have to make sure you complete all three on the Hard difficulty setting, which could prove to be a challenge for people who aren’t that experienced in strategy RPG games.


Final Thoughts
Braveland Trilogy is not the deepest strategy RPG out there, but it does pack a lot of fun with three similar yet different chapters. Each one of them will take you a few hours to complete, making for a pretty decent package at its asking price.

PSN Price: $14.99

This Braveland Trilogy review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ellada Games.

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