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[Beyond PlayStation] Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Super Mega Baseball 3 Review
  • On May 12, 2020

Super Mega Baseball 3 from Metalhead Software expands on what its excellent prequel did on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Super Mega Baseball 3 review!


Metalhead Software did an outstanding job with Super Mega Baseball 2 on Nintendo Switch, and now the studio is back with sequel Super Mega Baseball 3, which expands on and revamps everything the prequel did right. Once you’ve accepted the End User License Agreement (EULA) for the game, you’ll be able to dive straight into the action or take things a bit slower by checking out the tutorial section to get the hang of things.


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But the best way of learning how Super Mega Baseball 3 plays and feels, is by playing some Super Mega Baseball 3! I could go over every minute detail about the game’s control scheme when batting, baserunning, pitching, and fielding, but there’s really no substitute for some “on the job” training, by having you take to the field and learn things as you go. I will mention that you’ll have to be aware of things such as positioning your player when batting to swing at the ball just right, finding out when it’s the right time to take a full swing with all of your might, and when it might be best to bunt the ball so that other players can steal a base or two.

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Pitching is very important as well since you will need to work to try and find the best way to either strike out an opponent or to force them to bat at a ball to protect the strike zone, hopefully sending the ball into one of your fielders. When pitching, you need to be on high alert, because players love to steal a base when you’re winding up for a solid curveball or a screwball. You might want to take some time to watch your opponents carefully, and try to catch them when they take one step too many away from a base.

Fielding is also a big part of the game since many a ball is going to find themselves flying towards the back of the field since most players love to swing for the fence to try and be the hero who gets that home run that the team needs to turn the tide of battle. Running towards the ball – or even diving to catch the ball before it hits the ground – are key, or else your opponent is going to have a lot of fun humiliating you and scoring a ton of runs as punishment for your mistakes. Play your cards right, and use the power of your fielders in full, and you might be able to get a double play to teach your opponent a lesson.

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The game includes offline and online modes, so you can always find a way to play the game locally or with players from around the world. You could dive into the all-new Franchise Mode, which has a lot of stuff to take into consideration for your players and your team. People age and you need to keep this in mind when you’re expanding your team into a new season because there will be a time to trade some of them and hire new free agents or that new kid that showed a lot of potential during the Summer, and some players will end up retiring, changing your plans in an instant!

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You can also play – or simulate! – game after game, or even seasons as a whole, in single-player (against the AI-controlled teams), or in multiplayer, either locally or online. The simulation part of that equation means that you can have some – or a ton – of the matches played as the CPU against itself, if you trust your team’s stats enough to have them go on autopilot. And since the game is also releasing on other consoles, you can also take a shot at the Pennant Race Mode, in which you will take the battle online with a larger pool of players thanks to the cross-platform support.

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Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition was a solid game when it released last year on Nintendo’s console, and the team went back to the drawing board to improve on everything they had done before. With Exhibition matches, Pennant Race and the all-new Franchise Mode, full Standard and Custom seasons, and a diverse group of teams with wild mascots – Beewolves, Sirloins, Platypi, Hot Corners, Crocodons, and more. Add stadiums such as the Swagger Center, Sakura Hills, El Viejo Stadium, and Red Rock Park, and different weather conditions under which to play, and you have a winning combination. Super Mega Baseball 3 expands on everything that Super Mega Baseball 2 did right on Nintendo Switch, and then some. The game is out tomorrow on Nintendo’s console as a premium release for $44.99.

This Super Mega Baseball 3 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Metalhead Software.

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Revamped and improved take on the art of baseball on Nintendo Switch