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[PlayStation 4] Task Force Kampas Review


Shoot ’em up Task Force Kampas from Casiopea and eastasiasoft has you trying to save the world. Read more in our Task Force Kampas review!


Drawing inspiration from the golden age of Japanese shoot ’em ups, Task Force Kampas combines retro action with modern conventions, adding new mechanics and randomly generated stages with hand-crafted bosses. In a unique twist, the game can be finished, but skilled players will find a way to continue past the ending and claim even higher scores! Rhythmic gameplay and a pulsing soundtrack work together to create an intense audio-visual experience.

Task Force Kampas is a shoot ’em up featuring classic gameplay in which you must go through waves of enemies and ultimately beat some bosses that are up to no good. As the game starts, you can go to the tutorial section, which explains the basic gameplay elements. There is no story in Task Force Kampas, so don’t expect some great narrative here – which is expected for a shoot ’em up.

Task Force Kampas PS4 Review

You will get to select a pilot from a list, each having some advantages over the others. For example, one could have better firepower, while another one could have better health. Once the pilot is selected, the action begins! Firing is done by pressing the Square button, and you must move around the screen to destroy every enemy you see. As I mentioned earlier, the gameplay is of the classic genre variety, and understanding how to play takes only a few seconds.


The attack power of your ship varies in strength as you destroy more and more enemies – as long as you aren’t hit by your opponents! When you are hit, the screen changes to red with a huge “Damage” warning, and you’ll notice that the strength of your ship’s weapons decreases. If you stop shooting for a bit, your health will slowly fill up again, as long as you’re not hit by enemy fire in the process.
As you shoot your way through waves of enemies, bosses. and meteorites, you’ll discover small crocodiles, called Cocos. They give a small score boost and even thank you when they’re saved (and collecting them is required to unlock the Platinum). Collect enough, and they will join you in the fight to save the world!

Task Force Kampas Review

Task Force Kampas’s campaign isn’t very long, and I managed to reach the third and last boss on my second try. With that being said, even if you end up playing this one on the easy difficulty setting, there are going to be bullets everywhere when there are many enemies on screen, but even then, I noticed that the game always felt fair. The bosses are fun fights, and understanding their movement and attack patterns is the way to besting them.


As for the presentation, I liked how it has scan lines that made me feel like I was playing a Super Nintendo Entertainment System on a CRT Television back at my parent’s house. The pixel art is also great, and I want to give a special shout out to the soundtrack, which has some amazing tracks, most notably the one for the final boss.

And then there are the trophies! Task Force Kampas is a game that offers a quick and easy Platinum trophy that can be achieved in half an hour or an hour at most if you have any experience with shoot ’em ups. Trophies are awarded for killing a few bosses, dying a few times, getting a good score, collecting dozens of cocos, and destroying thousands of enemies, so it’s not something that will feel too demanding.

Task Force Kampas PlayStation 4 Review


Final Thoughts
Task Force Kampas is an enjoyable and short shoot ’em up game that can be Platinumed in roughly half an hour or an hour at most, and it has a Platinum trophy waiting for trophy hunters! I loved the easy to understand gameplay mechanics, the visual presentation, and the soundtrack. This is a game that is easy to recommend to players looking for a classic gameplay experience.

If you want, you could follow the guide below for the best way to achieve the platinum trophy, but achieving that Platinum trophy isn’t challenging.


PSN Price: $5.99
PSN Game size: 170MB


This Task Force Kampas review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

Review Overview

Fun shoot 'em up with a Platinum for trophy hunters