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[Beyond PlayStation] Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly Review
  • On May 21, 2020

Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly from Dogmelon Games is a fast-paced and fun aerial dogfighting 2D with animal pilots. Learn more in our Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly review!


In Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly by Dogmelon Games, you’ll be taking on single-player and local multiplayer aerial dogfights with a cast of animal pilots. In the world of Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly, the Great War still rages on, so you must take to the air and fight the good fight aboard your aircraft. The game can be played by up to eight players, so you can probably imagine how crazy things can get in battle! You’ll be taking control of Baron von Fluffe-Botte, Squadron Leader Mittens, Captain Stilton, Lieutenant Lewiss, Colonel Hock, Pilot Bill, Major Henry, and Captain O’Malley… a dog, a cat, a mouse, a snake, a pig, a rat, a bear, and a duck, respectively.

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Along with selecting from the eight available animal pilots, each with its own insignia, taunts and victory song, you can pick between four aircraft. Each of these aircraft will have its own strengths and weaknesses to consider, offering an option for each playing style. Throw in 13 special weapons, and there’s a nice set of variety for players in Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly. Aircraft can also be upgraded based on your performance in each of the modes you play, so you’ll be able to boost its agility, fun, armor, recharge speed, and repair skills to spice things up.

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You’ll be controlling your aircraft with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you fly across the air. The A button is for shooting, and you’ll be able to spiral down at a quick pace to avoid enemy fire by pressing the ZR button – just be careful that you don’t end up crashing into the ground! You can also slow down by pressing the ZL button, in case you need to aim more precisely or collect one of the items in the air. A special weapon can be deployed with the B button, and the Y button is for leaving that pilots mark on the air, taunting opponents.

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When you go into the Party option on the main menu, you will find the six different multiplayer modes you can take on. There’s Battle, which is the main mode in which everyone is trying to destroy everyone else; Team Battle in which two teams will be formed; Paint that has two teams try to paint the most out of the sky; Capture the Cow which, as the name suggests, asks you to capture and hold on to the cow for the longest time possible; Souvenir, in which you’ll have to try to collect the most coins to win; and King, in which all other players will try to take down the King so that they can become the King for the longest time in the match.

With a big focus on its multiplayer battles for up to eight players on a single screen, it was to be expected that the single-player side of things would suffer a bit. If you’re playing on your own, your options are to take on a Training mode that works as a tutorial of sorts since you’ll be flying to collect coins in batches as fast as possible so that you can obtain a score bonus, Battle against AI-controlled aircraft to see who is the best pilot out there or play Sheep Attack. This last one has you flying around the screen, trying to shoot down the sheep commanded planes as fast as possible to get a bonus to your overall score.

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Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly is a fun local multiplayer option for up to eight players on Nintendo Switch. It offers a nice variety of modes, pilots, and aircraft to enjoy at home or on the go, but the single-player side does feel a bit lacking. Oh, and the game features ten songs with lyrics and all, which you should check out in the Songs section of the main menu so that you can then take on the also included karaoke versions. Relax with tunes such as Please Don’t hit Me With The Ram, Pigs Can Fly, or Henry The Flying Bear!

This Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Dogmelon Games.

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Fun multiplayer dogfighting game with a weak single-player component