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[Beyond PlayStation] Not Not Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Not Not Review
  • On May 25, 2020

Not Not from QubicGames and ALTERNATIVE SHIFT is a budget minimalist logic puzzle game for up to four players. Learn more in our Not Not review!


In Not Not from QubicGames and ALTERNATIVE SHIFT you will be presented with a series of logic puzzles that will test your hand-eye coordination as the game tries to confuse you into making the wrong choice. As you progress further into a set, new instructions will be introduced in an effort to confuse you into not doing what is needed to carry on. It’s one of those “easy to understand but hard to master” premises that you’re either going to love or hate.
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The two main game modes are Classic and Challenge. In Classic you will be taking on sets of increasingly more difficult sets of puzzles, with levels split into themes, as well as into three difficulty settings: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. The higher the difficulty, the faster you’ll need to be in trying to complete more steps than the difficulty before it. Complete the set without making a single mistake, and the cube will turn into a gold cube. Challenge will present to you an endless mode in which you’ll try to complete as many puzzles as possible before you run out of lives.

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The first puzzle in the game will act as the tutorial for Not Not, teaching players the basics in order to get the hang of things. At first, you will only need to follow instructions to move your character in one of four directions before the timer – represented by a line that moves around the face of the block you’re standing on – runs out. Soon a new element is introduced: the negation. If the game says, for example, “Not left,” then you have to move up, down, or right. Then the game might ask you to do “nothing,” to then throw you a “not nothing” instruction. Add colors, and you can imagine how crazy things can get.

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Not Not also includes a Versus multiplayer option so that up to four players can test their skills as they try to prove who’s the smartest of them all. For Versus you can select the number of players that will participate in each match, the number of points to win, and the number of rounds to win. Having more than one player – and, therefore, more than one cube – on the screen will be a bit confusing, but it does make for some hectic and fun local multiplayer mayhem.

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Not Not is a fun minimalist logic puzzle game that, due to its nature, you’re either going yo love or hate. It’s a hectic single-player or multiplayer experience with a good challenge. Not Not is out on Nintendo Switch for a low $1.99.

This Not Not review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Qubic Games.

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Fun and hectic logic puzzle game for up to four players