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[Beyond PlayStation] LongStory Review

[Beyond PlayStation] LongStory Review
  • On May 28, 2020

LongStory from Bloom Digital is a charming dating sim with a diverse cast, out on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our LongStory review!


In LongStory: A dating game for the real world from Bloom Digital, you will be placed in the shoes of a high school student who is dealing with all of the things that you’d expect a high school student to be dealing with. Since this is a dating sim on Nintendo Switch, you will have a chance of finding your one true love in this fun take on a relatable story: being a young student at school, ready for a new experience, still trying to figure out this whole “life” thing. Your journey will begin at Weasel Heights after living in Paris for a year. Because of this, you don’t know anyone in the group.

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Your first step will be selecting a name for your character, as well as choosing between a male or female looking avatar, and the corresponding pronoun – he, she, or they. This is done by presenting players with a school notebook, to tie into the whole high school scenario. Next up, you’ll be getting ready for the first day of school, which is a bit nerve-racking due to the whole “was in Paris for a year, so I don’t know anyone at my class” thing. Just when you were getting used to living in a new city and making new friends, your family moved back, which means you need sorta need to start all over again.

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With this being a dating sim of the visual novel variety, you’ll be doing a ton of reading as you interact with new characters and new friends during each of the game’s episodes. Because of this, your best friend will be the A button as you press it over and over again as you read a ton of text. If you want to review something, you can press the L button to go back a bit. You should also press the – button every now and then to save your progress since this is a game that will last for 5-7 hours or so.


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Each of the episodes in LongStory: A dating game for the real world will focus on a short story arc so that you can get to know the characters better. The first episode is, as expected, focuses on you going to school and being the new kid, not knowing anyone. For the second episode, things with your crush are heating up, but a group of bullies who are, apparently, in charge of the anti-bullying club, are out for some drama. I won’t spoil the rest of the episodes, but the overall story is a fun one to experience.

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LongStory: A dating game for the real world is a fun visual novel dating sim that deals with a situation that everyone can relate to: going to school and having to make new friends as you try to figure out what your life is going to be like. If reading is not your thing, then you’re not going to enjoy LongStory. But if you’re up for taking on a visual novel dating sim with a colorful presentation, a diverse cast, and 5-7 hours worth of content, then LongStory: A dating game for the real world is ready for you on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

This LongStory review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bloom Digital.

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