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[Beyond PlayStation] Arcade Fuzz Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Arcade Fuzz Review
  • On June 4, 2020

Arcade Fuzz from QUBYte Interactive is a bundle of TTV3 and WARPZONE DRIFTER on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Arcade Fuzz review!


Arcade Fuzz from QUByte Interactive presents two games in a single bundle for a low price: TTV3 and WARPZONE DRIFTER, two very different fun games. This bundle throws you straight into TTV3 right from the start, with a trippy background image of an eye that is wide open and looking straight at you. The game’s goal is very simple: use the left analog stick to find a way out of each screen you visit, so that you can avoid the deadly spinning buzzsaws, sharp blades, and pointy spikes. A single mistake will kill your character, forcing you to start over.

Arcade Fuzz Review - TTV3 1

Every time you die, you will be taken right back to the starting screen with the big eye, and you will learn how good of a run you had, represented by the percentage of the game you completed during your last trip. You will also see your personal best so that you know what you’ll aim at beating. If you manage to complete the game, then you’ll add one count to the 100% category right below the other two. Complete 100 screens, and you’ll have a 100% to mark under your stats.


Arcade Fuzz Nintendo Switch Review - TTV3 2

Completing 100 screens sounds very easy, and if you do a full run without any mistakes, you can technically complete TTV3 in a handful of minutes, but that’s now how your experience will go. Other than the first room, every single room after it will be random, with the game sometimes even throwing you the same room twice in a row, which is not an issue. You only have a second to react to what is going on for that particular screen, so that you can move out of the way of anything that is going to kill you a second later.

WARPZONE DRIFTER, on the other hand, is a physics-based driving game of sorts in which you have to drift around procedurally generated stages that throw new obstacles and moves the items you have to collect for each wave. There will be a timer in the upper part of the screen, counting down to zero. If you want to carry on playing, you will need to collect the different pink glowing figures that appear around the screen, all while driving at high speeds and drifting to avoid hazards or to grab a figure as you plan your next move.

Arcade Fuzz Nintendo Switch Review - WZ 1


The controls are easy to understand since your car will automatically accelerate at all times, and you’ll drive it around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad to drift – hence the name of the game. The difficulty lies in how the car is traveling too fast to properly lineup your next pick up route. Red tentacles will pop up, bobbing and weaving as they try to damage your vehicle, keeping you from collecting the required pink figures to be able to extend your overall run with some much-needed extra time.

Something that feels weird about WARPZONE DRIFTER, is that you would think that having your car touch any of the four sides of the screen would be enough for you to lose – since it would effectively mean you’re crashing your car. But, for some reason, there’s an invisible barrier that is set at some unspecified point OUTSIDE of the borders of the screen that you can’t cross, or you get a game over. This means that if you end up going outside of the screen and try to drift your way back, odds are you’re not going to make it because you can’t see which way your car is pointing as it rushes forward.

Arcade Fuzz Switch Review - WZ 2


Arcade Fuzz is a budget bundle of two arcade-style games in a single package on Nintendo Switch that is not going to appeal to everyone due to the overall challenge of each of the two games, as well as some design choices made for WARPZONE DRIFTER that make it harder than it should be. But if you’re up for the challenge, you might want to check out Arcade Fuzz on Nintendo’s console at its low $1.99 asking price, since it means it’s offering each game for less than a buck.

This Arcade Fuzz review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QUByte Interactive.

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Two arcade-style challenging games for a low $1.99 asking price