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[PlayStation 4] Those Who Remain Review

[PlayStation 4] Those Who Remain Review
  • On June 8, 2020

Those Who Remain from Camel 101 and Wired Productions is a first-person horror game on PS4. Learn more about it in our Those Who Remain review!


Indie studio Camel 101, who I got a chance to interview a couple of years ago, and publisher Wired Productions, have brough first-person horror game Those Who Remain to the PlayStation 4. In those Who Remain you play as Edward… and a likeable character he’s not. He’s been cheating on his wife for who knows how long, and he’s one to take to the bottle – or bottles really – one too many times. At the start of Those Who Remain, he’s driving to the Golden Oak Motel where he’s going to meet with his mistress, and it seems he’s finally up for putting an end to the whole thing. Unfortunately, when he opens the door to the room – after moving the mattress out of the way to be able to grab the key it was hiding, she’s nowhere to be found.

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What follows is a bizarre situation. Even though the water is running in the shower, Diane – the mistress – is not in the room. Suddenly, the phone rings. As Edward picks it up, only one thing can be heard as an unknown voice whispers a warning: Stay in the light! You exit the room and realize that someone – or something – has stolen your car. With no car, no mistress, and no idea what is going on, you are asked to follow the car, so off you go running behind it… and it is then that things take a turn for the worse.

You see someone who warns you that the lights are about to go out and fail, and that you need to, well, do something. As his light dies, so does he! Something has pulled him down and ended his life. Between the weird call at the motel and what this person said before dying, you better believe it would be a good idea to stay in the light! As you run forward and activate some lights that allow you to reach a barn and a house, you will notice inside the house there are what appear to be humanoid entities with glowing eyes. You need to be careful, because if you are not inside the light, these entities will kill you! Things will change a bit later in the game to introduce a different type of enemy, but since you don’t have any way of attacking the entities, the same general rule applies: stay away from danger!

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You’ll move your character with the left analog stick, looking around you with the right one. If you need to run – which will be most of the time in Those Who Remain, you can do this by pressing and holding down the L2 button. You can interact with things with the X button, moving them out of the way to then drop them with the X button. This will be a big part of your interaction with the world of Those Who Remain, since items are usually hidden below or behind other objects. You can also throw things with the Circle button, although it won’t be of much use since your character can take care of moving items by then dropping them with the X button just fine.

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As for the game’s trophies, this one has a full trophy list with a Platinum. If you’re a trophy hunter following a guide, you’ll have to play through the game at least three times to be able to get all of the trophies. This is because – without spoiling things – there are some actions you need to take in order to trigger some trophies to unlock, and you need to, well, not do some stuff to be able to unlock the other trophies. It’s a list that includes ten Gold trophies and four Silver trophies, and it should take you a handful of hours to do it all.

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Those Who Remain is a first-person horror game from Camel 101 and Wired Productions that has an interesting premise and setup, but, unfortunately, something feels off with the whole experience. For a psychological horror game, the scares just aren’t there, and the gameplay mechanics are not going to appeal to everyone. Those Who Remain is out now on PlayStation 4 for $19.99.

This Those Who Remain review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Wired Productions.

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First-person adventure that fails to stick the landing