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[Beyond PlayStation] Fly Punch Boom! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Fly Punch Boom! Review
  • On June 11, 2020

Fly Punch Boom! from Jollypunch Games is an over the top fast-paced 2D anime fighter on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Fly Punch Boom! review!


Fly Punch Boom! from Jollypunch Games is a fun and over the top 2D fighting game on Nintendo Switch with a colorful cast of characters and the type of battles you’d expect to see on your favorite anime with superpowered characters and fights that are presented over multiple episodes. You can dive into an Arcade Mode with three difficulty settings – Easy, Normal, and Hard, to prove once and for all if you’re as good as you think. Select from fighters Shin, Armoir, Groovis, Skelly, Wiggle, Buya, Twain, and Jetto, as you aim to unlock some extra characters as well.

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Before you dive into the fast-paced and over the top action of the local 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or Arcade Mode, or taking to the online portion of the game, you should definitely check out the game’s manual, as well as play its Tutorial, so that you can learn the basics and get the hang of things. Playing and completing the Tutorial shouldn’t take you more than a handful of minutes. You will move your character around with the left analog stick, dashing into action by pressing down the B button.

You can use your mighty and powerful might to fly towards your opponent to clash in battle. While clashing, you will need to pick your move by pressing the Y, A, or X buttons for hits, throws, and counters, respectively. The game features a paper-rock-scissors system, which is why hits beat throws, throws beat counters, and counters beat hits. You also need to select your action wisely by paying attention at the meter, because depending on where you stop the moving target on the bar, your action will fail, hit, or become a megahit – mega is always better!

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If you hold down the Y button as you fly, you can ram into objects, launching them towards your opponent so that they can deal massive damage. You can also fly into your opponents to tackle them and pummel them as needed. If you’re stunned, pay attention and press the right button to wake up and get back into the fight. You can also collect energy power-ups to fill up your Special meter so that you can use it by pressing the ZR button. If you’re playing solo, you can teleport by pressing the ZL button to quickly move around the area, or you can use it to tag in your teammate when playing 2 vs. 2.

If you’re about to die, you’ll have one shot at escaping the grim reaper by stopping the moving target on the bar’s section that is not marked with red – this is very important since each stage will have stage fatalities you’ll have to escape from! The lower your overall health bar is, the smaller the chance that you’ll be able to escape from certain death. If you’re thrown into a collapsing building with little to no health, you’ll have a very small section of the bar on which to stop the moving target to try and make a comeback, so be ready!


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Fly Punch Boom! has an in-game achievements system to keep you busy. You can unlock the many quirky-looking achievements by doing things such as completing the game’s Tutorial – which, as I mentioned before, is a must – taunting your enemy ten times, completing three teleporting combos in one round, playing 100 rounds, playing 100 online rounds, stopping a special with another special – a very anime thing to do -, or finishing the Arcade Mode while playing on Hard, to name some examples.

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Fly Punch Boom! is a fun, quirky, fast-paced and over the top 2D fighting game that certainly stands out on Nintendo Switch. It has a colorful cast of characters, easy to understand gameplay mechanics, offline and online multiplayer, and several objectives to aim for if you like to 100% games. Fly Punch Boom! is out now on Nintendo Switch for $14.99, and you’ll definitely be having fun with its quirky cast and over the top experience!1

This Fly Punch Boom! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Jollypunch Games.

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