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[Beyond PlayStation] Gravity Rider Zero Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Gravity Rider Zero Review
  • On June 15, 2020

Gravity Rider Zero from QubicGames and Vivid Games is a futuristic budget racing game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Gravity Rider Zero review!


In Gravity Rider Zero from QubicGames and Vivid Games, you will take on fun 3D race tracks that twist and turn. You’ll be jumping, looping, and flipping your bike to go over obstacles, complete challenges, and go off from giant ramps, as you avoid different hazards, such as pointy spikes and lasers. While doing all this, you’ll always be going up against one thing in particular: gravity! Each stage has three trails to complete, and once you complete all three, you’ll get to move onward to the next stage so that you can take on new challenges.

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Once you’re in a race, you’ll accelerate with the ZR button, balancing your bike with the left analog stick to stick the landing. You can use the ZL button to slow down and stop your vehicle, or even go in reverse. If you have a turbo charge, you can use it with the L button to boost ahead. Some stages you’ll be taking on your own, while for others, you’ll be competing against other AI-controlled racers to prove that you’ve learned from your mistakes, and have learned what needs to be done.


As you play, you’ll get a chance to unlock new vehicles that feature a futuristic design twist. The more tasks and challenges you complete, the easier it will be to unlock new vehicles since you’ll earn more energy gems. Each objective you complete will reward you with stars, and you can get a three-star rating. You will also obtain experience points, which will allow you to level up. Leveling up will unlock new paint schemes for your vehicle, as well as new colors and patterns for the trail it leaves behind. The gems can be used to purchase new paint jobs for your vehicle, as well as new colors or patterns for the trails your vehicle leaves behind. Gems can also be used to buy an extra life when you lose all of them in a stage so that you can continue to race from the last checkpoint you reached.

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The first couple of stages in Gravity Rider Zero will serve as the tutorial for this one, so that you can get the hang of things and learn how to make jumps, take looks, use your turbo boost, avoid hazards, go over obstacles, knockdown blocks that can be used as platforms, etc. Once you hit the third level, the difficulty will start to ramp up as you find new hazards – such as lava rocks – and interact with new items – like the arrows that will serve as a turbo boost for your vehicle to make some of the long jumps and complete the longer loops.

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Gravity Rider Zero is an arcade-style futuristic racer on Nintendo Switch that offers a lot of fun at a low price. The controls are easy to understand, there are plenty of tracks to take on this one, making it an easy one to recommend at its $6.99 asking price, particularly if you have some young gamers in your life.

This Gravity Rider Zero review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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Fun arcade-style futuristic racer