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[PlayStation 4] Castle Pals Review


In 2D platformer Castle Pals by Ratalaika Games and Brad Erkkila, you control two adventurers on their quest in a mysterious castle. Check our Castle Pals review!

One night, Kylee and Owen stumbled upon a creepy Castle and decide to uncover its secrets! Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?


Pals Kylee and Owen stumble upon a mysterious castle (hence the game’s title) and decide that the best thing they can do is explore it to uncover its secrets. Castle Pals is an arcade-style 2D platformer in which you follow the two friends through the 40 different levels that the game has to offer.

Each level is played as either Kylee or Owen, alternating between the two. Owen jumps on top of enemies a-la-Super Mario Bros., and can also fly thanks to the propeller on his cap. Kylee, on the other hand, can attack monsters using her fists and can also get rid of the enemies by jumping on them or jump kicking them. I liked how the game switches from one character to the other to keep the gameplay elements fresh.


Castle Pals Review

This game isn’t a challenging release, and if you die, you instantly restart at the beginning of each of the short levels, or even at a checkpoint if a stage has one. The level design is intuitive, so you’ll never get lost, but I noticed that the hit detection was not as unforgiving as I expected, and even if you slightly grace an enemy, you’ll have to restart. The good news is that you get unlimited lives, so this isn’t stressful.


As for the presentation, the game is beautifully rendered using a 16-bits art style, and the soundtrack uses unusual instruments, which was interesting. I did notice that the background music loops after a few moments and the loop isn’t perfectly synced. The one thing I do have to complain about for this release is that the volume for the sound effects is WAY too loud compared to the background music, and this can’t be balanced.

Castle Pals PS4 Review

The trophy list for Castle Pals feels easier when compared to other Ratalaika Games releases. There are only twelve Gold trophies to
unlock before you get to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. Other than finding two colored gems, the rest of the trophies will come naturally as you play the game, and I even managed to unlock half of the trophies in only 5 minutes! Just play the game and enjoy your time with Castle Pals, and you’ll soon have a Platinum trophy in less than an hour.


Castle Pals PlayStation 4 Review

If you’re looking for a good platformer featuring an easy Platinum trophy, available for a budget price, then Castle Pals is for you. I liked the presentation and gameplay and also liked how each of the characters offered a different playing style. The platinum can be unlocked in half an hour, but the whole game is going to take you a couple of extra hours to complete.

This Castle Pals review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Great 2D platformer with an easy Platinum trophy