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[Beyond PlayStation] 7th Sector Review

[Beyond PlayStation] 7th Sector Review

Explore a future dystopian world as a spark of energy riding the power lines and seeing what is really going on. Check out our 7th Sector review!


Welcome to the 7th Sector, set in a mysterious cyberpunk world.

Immerse yourself on this intricate path, solving different puzzles, facing its dangers, and collecting scattered information to discover the story of this world.

Gain control over several different characters, each with their own abilities that can help you navigate the world’s devices and machinery. Some of your choices and actions will determine the ending of the game.


Atmospheric dystopian world
Lots of varied and unique puzzles
Control several characters
Immersive soundtrack by “Nobody’s Nail Machine”
Branching system with 4 different endings


Best Indie Game (DevGAMM 2019)
Excellence in Visual Art (DevGAMM 2019)


7th Sector is a puzzle game that places you in a neat cyberpunk world. You are a spark of energy wandering through wires as you navigate this dystopian future. Its main focus is navigating through the world and figuring out how to proceed further. But, on the side, you take on this world and what it brings to the table. It’s really interesting! It probably helps that I love games set in dystopian futures.

7th Sector Review - 1

You start the game as a shadowy figure on the static of a screen. You push your way out of it, and suddenly you are a spark that can wander through the wires via the power lines in the world. Like most puzzle games, it starts out a bit on the easy side, since you just guide your spark through the lines. You will find that you can access machines or items on the powerlines and affect them, and this is how many of the puzzles are integrated into the game.


7th Sector PS4 Review - 2

The puzzles can get much more complicated not just from a “figure out how to power a machine” scenario, but from how you have to time things to get through. Some sections put you back into machines with screens, and you will see your ghost self as you need to navigate through the challenges on the screen. One of them took me some considerable time to get the timing just right. It can stump you at points, but it feels good when you finally get the solution.

But for me, though, the big star here is the game’s world. Everything you do as the spark/ghost is second to the visual delight as you explore what the future looks like in this particular world. It’s full of great little touches as you explore and see what the future has in hold for us. The sound design didn’t grab me in the same way. It wasn’t bad, I guess, but at the same time nothing stood out for me.


7th Sector PlayStation 4 Review - 3

I liked 7th Sector, and what it brings to the table. It was an interesting puzzle game set in a very cool world. The puzzles can get quite difficult, but you do get a satisfying feeling when you find the right solution. Honestly, this is a fun pick up and play game to check out on PS4.

This 7th Sector review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sometimes You.

Review Overview

A puzzle game that starts off interesting, but that loses some steam