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[Beyond PlayStation] Funny Bunny Adventures Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Funny Bunny Adventures Review
  • On June 25, 2020

Funny Bunny Adventures from Drageus Games is a kids puzzle game with an isometric view and a purple rabbit. Learn more in our Funny Bunny Adventures review!


In Funny Bunny Adventures from Drageus Games, you’ll be taking control of a purple bunny who is trying to collect enough food to feed the hungry bunnies in the forest. You’ll take on 35 stages, split into three worlds, as you try to collect as many carrots – and fruits and vegetables during mini-games – as you can possibly carry. There are two difficulty settings: Easy and Interesting. Easy, as the name would suggest, is the easier one of the two. Interesting is what in other games would be the Normal difficulty setting. You’ll move your bunny with the left analog stick, jumping on top of patches to plant carrots on the ground. Once you’ve planted all carrots on the screen, you’ll need to jump on top of the carrots to harvest them, so that you can take the carrots to feed the hungry bunnies.

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Things start off easy, but as you progress through the stages, you’ll need to interact with things such as teleporters that will take you from one side of the screen to the other, avoid the witch that wants to capture the bunny or the dog that will try and bite it. If there’s a cow on a stage, be sure to get on top of it, since it will protect you from the witch and the dog! Later on, you’ll find a Leprechaun who will be blocking a path here and there, and you’ll need to open up its pot of gold so that it moves out of the way.

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If you find a fairy in a stage, you’ll be taken to a fairy bonus game. In here, you’ll need to complete the tasks on the left side of the screen by clicking on groups of at least three of the same fruits and vegetables. Once you have completed all of the tasks, the fairy will reward you with a golden carrot. When you complete a level with a three-star rating, you’ll get a chance to complete a bonus stage. In this bonus stage, your bunny will be shot out of a colorful cannon, and you’ll move it left and right, collecting fruits and vegetables, a golden carrot, and power-ups that will give you extra time in this mini-game to collect more stuff.

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There are sixteen in-game achievements to complete in Funny Bunny Adventures. These include objectives such as collecting 100 carrots, collecting 50 carrots in a single stage, collecting five golden carrots, collecting five alarm clocks, completing ten levels, obtaining a three-star rating in a level, taking more than 120 seconds to complete a stage, failing a level five times, completing a bonus stage, collecting 30 fruits on a bonus level, and winning the fairy game five times, to name some examples.

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Funny Bunny Adventures is a good game for the younger gamers in your life, offering a colorful presentation, easy to understand gameplay mechanics, 35 stages and two mini-games to play, some power-ups to use in each stage – such as a clock that makes all enemies stop for a short period of time – all for a low price. Funny Bunny Adventure is out now on Nintendo Switch for $4.99.

This Funny Bunny Adventures review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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Colorful and fun release for gamers of all ages