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[Beyond PlayStation] 80s Overdrive Review

[Beyond PlayStation] 80s Overdrive Review
  • On June 26, 2020

80’s Overdrive from Insane Code is a neon-tinted homage to old-school arcade racers. Learn more about this revamped release in our 80’s Overdrive review!


Insane Code originally released old-school arcade racers homage 80’s Overdrive on the Nintendo 3DS back in December 2017, and it was a fun racer that I got to review back then. What we’re now getting on the Nintendo Switch is the same content from back then, revamped for the console’s HD display, and the 1080p resolution when playing in Docked Mode, along with some extra rebalancing here and there. As for the rest of what the game has to offer? Well, it’s still just as fun as it was on the Nintendo 3DS!

80s Overdrive Review - 1


Once you have created your profile by selecting your name and player image, you’ll be able to enjoy the game’s great synthwave soundtrack and solid gameplay mechanics. There are three game modes for you to dive into during your time with 80’s Overdrive. There’s a Career Mode in which you can take on dozens of races as you earn enough money to pay the entry fee for other rad races in your future. There’s also Time Attack in which you’ll take on the different available races as you try to complete them as fast as possible to earn a good enough highscore. There’s also a level editor that will allow you to build up a new race, giving it a name, selecting a theme, picking up its overall length, and selecting the length of straight segments.

80s Overdrive Review - Time Attack

You’ll be driving your car by steering with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, moving left or right as you try to avoid the other vehicles on the road, accelerating with the A button and breaking with the B button. Your car also has a very useful nitro boost that can give you the extra speed you need to get to the finish line in style. Using the automatic transmission option is a good way for players of all skill levels to take a crack at this racing game, and there’s also the option of going with a manual transmission so that you can change gears with the R button as needed.

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As you win races, you will earn lots of money, which you can use to upgrade your vehicle’s stats, improving its engine power, steering, and bumpers’ strength. You can also repair any damage the car might have received during the previous race, bump up the nitro charge, and refuel so that you can make it to the next destination in one go. There are also extra vehicles to purchase, which will have better stats than your starting car, but they’re going to cost a pretty penny if you want to add them to your collection.

80s Overdrive Review - Upgrades


80’s Overdrive was a colorful and fun arcade-style racer on the Nintendo 3DS when it released a few years ago, and it’s still a fun one to take out for a spin on the Nintendo Switch. The colorful graphics, gameplay mechanics that pay homage to old-school racing games of the 1980s and 1990s, and the great synthwave soundtrack you’ll get to enjoy as you take on each fast-paced race, makes this one an easy game to recommend on Nintendo Switch. 80s Overdrive is out now on Nintendo’s console for a $9.99 price.

This 80s Overdrive review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Insane Code.

Review Overview

Very fun 1980s-infused racer with a solid synthwave soundtrack