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[Beyond PlayStation] AntVentor Review

[Beyond PlayStation] AntVentor Review

AntVentor is a point and click adventure game from developer Loopymood. Learn more in our AntVentor review!


In AntVentor, you play as an ant who is also an inventor – hence the game’s name. Unlike its fellow ants, this ant has no desire to follow the daily drudge and, instead, daydreams about traveling and seeing the world. But when her latest invention designed to make her working life easier breaks down, Florentine must go on an adventure to fix the machine.

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If you are familiar with point and click games in general, know that AntVentor will not reinvent the wheel. If you have played other versions of the game, then know that this version does not add any new content. In typical point and click fashion, you go from area to area, trying to solve puzzles by finding items within the scene and either applying them to something else or combining them to apply it to something else. The puzzles are a little abstract and convoluted. One puzzle has you trying to sneak by a guard to escape from your colony, but you need to distract the guard with four steps when the first one was more than enough to distract him long enough for you to sneak by.

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With that said, the controls are fine on the Nintendo Switch. Most of your presses will be for the A button as you use it to interact with your surroundings. The Y button acts as a reminder of what you need to do next, and the X button helps you keep track of your inventory. But the most helpful one was the L button that showed you all the things on screen that you can interact with. I found the visuals to be excellent, especially when you make it outside the colony. The graphics and the colors are rich and vibrant, which makes for a very pleasant experience. The audio is just as pleasant, with the music doing a great job at complementing what the game has to offer.

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The only real downside of this game is the length. While it is intriguing from the outset, it is over too quickly, and it can be completed in less than an hour. AntVentor is part one of a three-part story, but with part one making its debut over two years ago and with it being so short, I had hoped part two would have featured here in some capacity, but that is not the case. The game is charming and does what it needs to do, but the adventure is over too quickly.

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This AntVentor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Loopymood.

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Charming point and click adventure that's a bit short