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[PlayStation 4] JigSaw Abundance Review

[PlayStation 4] JigSaw Abundance Review
  • On July 14, 2020

JigSaw Abundance is the puzzle sequel from Playstige Interactive that brings new puzzles for you to solve. Learn more in our JigSaw Abundance review!


JigSaw Abundance Review - 1

Last year I got a chance to review JigSaw Solace from Playstige Interactive, a game that, as expected, offered many jigsaw puzzles for players to solve. This year, the publisher is back with sequel JigSaw Abundance which keeps everything you know about the prequel the same, while providing new sets of puzzles to solve under ma many different themes. Because of this, the controls will remain the same, so you’ll be using the D-Pad to select a puzzle piece with the X button so that you can drag it into place. It’s a minimalist controller setup for a minimalist type of game, and since it worked for JigSaw Solate, there was no need to change things for this sequel.


You can customize your experience by changing the backgrounds that will be displayed around each of the puzzles that you’ll try to solve, which are split into different themes for you to choose from. These themes include cyberpunk, history, vintage, food, steampunk, romance, hobbies, spring, travel, and winter. Each theme will have a handful of puzzles for you to solve, for a total of 50 jigsaw puzzles.

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For every single puzzle that JigSaw Abundance has to offer, you can select to solve it in a 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 8×8 setup which changes the number of pieces you will have to sort out to solve each puzzle – that’s 16, 25, 36, and 64 pieces, respectively. While solving each puzzle, you can decide to check the completed image, so that you can see what the final piece should look like, allowing you to adjust the puzzle accordingly. I suggest that you start by locating the four corners of the puzzle, followed by all edge pieces. That way you’ll be able to get many pieces into place in a few minutes, so that you can then work your way from the outside into the center of the puzzle.


Last time around JigSaw Solace did not have a full trophy list, and publisher PlayStige Interactive certainly listened to gamers’ feedback on that topic, because JigSaw Abundance has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection! To get that Platinum, all you’ll have to do is complete 20 of the puzzles from the game. They can be any 20 puzzles, in any theme and in any size, as long as they’re 20 different and unique puzzles. Depending on your experience with jigsaw puzzles – and the size of puzzle that you can select – you could have a new Platinum trophy in 20-40 minutes!

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JigSaw Solace was a fun, budget price option for jigsaw puzzle fans, with 30 puzzles to solve. Sequel JigSaw Abundance gives us more of the same – which is not a bad thing – but brings 50 new puzzles to the table for a low $4.99 asking price, on top of offering a PlayStation 4 Platinum trophy for trophy hunters

This JigSaw Abundance review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Playstige Interactive.

Review Overview

Fun set of 50 jigsaw puzzles with a Platinum trophy