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[Beyond PlayStation] Pew Paw Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Pew Paw Review
  • On July 15, 2020

Pew Paw from Drageus Games and water + melon is a twin-stick post-apocalyptic arena-style shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Pew Paw review!


You’ll start your journey with Pew Paw from Drageus Games as a rank 1 hero with low health and no experience points, as you try to make the most of your starting weapon to survive the monster onslaught. The only area available for you will be the desert, where you’ll be able to unlock an extra nighttime scenario once you’ve boosted yourself up to rank 3. The other themes – forest, winter, and spring – will be unlocked as you gain more experience points and level up to ranks five, ten, and fifteen, respectively.

Pew Paw Review - 1

The controls are very simple since you’ll move your character around with the left analog stick, aiming with the right one as you shoot with the ZR button. Zombies will continuously spawn all around you, and you’ll have to move around to avoid their attacks. Some zombies will move slowly, while others will have lighter feet and will also shoot at you. There’s one zombie in particular that you need to kill when you’re not standing close to it because it will explode and send out some very dangerous ooze.


As you do this, you should pay attention to your companion, since it will be pointing out where each of the power-up and recovery crates has landed. That’s right, as you play through the zombie apocalypse, supplies will be dropped around each location, that will help you survive for a bit longer. Some of these, which are pointed to you by your dog companion with a green arrow, will allow you to heal your wounds. Others will temporally power up your weapon. And if you’re lucky, you might find one to provide you with a power shield to protect you from attacks!

Survive for long enough, and you’ll run into a boss. You’ll know you’re about to battle against a boss because its name will appear in the lower center part of the screen, along with its mighty long health bar – as well as a number that will let you know how many hit points that bar actually represents. You won’t have much time to learn a boss’ movement and attack patterns, because the regular zombie enemies will not stop spawning as you try to figure out how deadly each boss really is.

Pew Paw Switch Review - Boss

Every enemy you defeat will leave behind some gold for you to collect, while also giving you some experience points that will be added to your total so that you can eventually increase your rank. Defeating a boss will reward you with some extra gold, experience points, as well as tickets. After completing a level, you can use these at the store to purchase treasure cases and chests that will randomly reward you with common, rare, and mystical items, depending on how expensive it is. Be sure to complete each of the missions the game throws at you as well, so that you can get some extra gold and tickets.


You can open cases and chests by spending your gold, or by using one of the required tickets. There’s more than one ticket type, so be sure to pay attention to this! While you might be tempted to buy the most expensive case or chest that you can buy as soon as you complete the first level, you should know that the rewards that you will get will be tied to a specific rank, and until you’ve hit that rank, you will not benefit from it. You might get a better battery so that your gun can deal more damage, but if it requires you to be rank 11 and you’re only rank 2, it will be completely useless. Oh, and don’t forget to equip the new stuff that you get, or else it will just be sitting in your inventory!

Pew Paw Review - 2

Once you go over to the equipment tab of your hero between each stage, the game will be kind enough to let you know if any of the items in your inventory’s subtabs are better than what you have currently equipped to your hero. The most important upgrade right away will be the one to your clip, since it will boost how many bullets you can shoot before your gun has to reload. Being able to shoot more bullets means you’ll be able to kill more zombies per overall attack, which will allow you to keep the zombie horde within a manageable total.


There’s an in-game achievements system for you to work on as you play Pew Paw. There’s, of course, an achievement for killing hundreds of zombies, another one for collecting many bonuses, one for dying – a lot -, for, blowing up the always classic exploding barrels, opening fifty chests in total, increasing your overall rank, and for defeating the different bosses you’ll fight – that is, if you manage to survive for long enough! It’s a list that will keep you aiming for something on top of the whole staying alive thing.

Pew Paw Nintendo Switch Review - 3

Pew Paw is a budget arcade-style twin-stick shooter that is a bit too repetitive for its own good. The fact that you can unlock very powerful upgrades right from the start, but that are useless until you’ve played the game for a couple of times, is a weird design choice since you would think that spending as much money – or tickets – as possible on a rare case or chest would mean that you’d have a good chance of getting a powerful power-up that would be immediately put to good use for your next run. Pew Paw is out now on Nintendo Switch for a budget $6.99 price.

This Pew Paw review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Drageus Games.

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Twin-stick arena-style shooter that is lacking