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[PlayStation 4] Clash Force Review


In 2D old-school style platformer Clash Force from Ratalaika Games and Spicy Gyro Games, you are one of the heroes out to save the world from evil forces. Learn more in our Clash Force review!

The Evil Crackman and his minions are causing mayhem, and only Clash Force is up to the task of stopping his fiendish plans! Guide Voom, Scorpido, or Echid through forest bases, hydrofied deserts, underground mines and eventually to Crackman’s Flying Fortress where the final battle will unfold!


As the game begins, you are introduced to the evil Crackman arriving with his evil forces and wreaking havoc on the land. It’s then you get to select which one of the three members of the Clash Force (Voom, Scorpido, or Echid) you will control on this quest to save the world. All characters have the abilities and control patterns, so it’s only a matter of preference to select which colorful character you want to play as.

The gameplay is very similar to the kind of experience the Mega Man franchise offered back on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) days. The X button is used for jumping, and you can fire your weapon by pressing either the Square or the R1 buttons, with the second one serving as a rapidfire option, so I definitively recommend using the shoulder button to fire as it keeps your fingers free for jumping.

Clash Force Review

The different enemies you will defeat will sometimes drop power-ups, which are instantly activated and added to your arsenal, making it easier to deal with the rest. There is a good variety of weapons, so you’ll get to try and find which of the weapons is best for your playing style. You do need to be aware that if you’re damaged, you will lose your weapon. Enemies are relatively easy to defeat when playing with the default difficulty setting, but as you progress through the game, there will be more of them to battle, which might prove to be more difficult to deal with.


By the second stage, enemies will be more aggressive, and you’ll need to be fast as you avoid their attacks and shoot to destroy them. You have three heart containers, and once they’re gone, your character will die, and you’ll have to start the stage over. Luckily, levels aren’t that long, and once you know where the traps and enemy positions, things will be easier. There are also unlimited continues so you can take as much time as you want to complete each level without the pressure of going back at the very beginning of the campaign.

I do have to mention the bosses, which I thought lacked creativity. They are a direct representation of the levels you just completed. For example, in the mine, the boss is a miner. They also do not require any strategy as some of them have attack patterns so basic that firing in front of you does the trick for the first ones. There’s one I recall that was so easy, I barely even had to move during the entire fight.

Clash Force PlayStation 4 Review

My one complaint about Clash Force is with the game’s camera. Your character is at the center of the screen, so as you advance, you have little time to react to the enemies that will attack you. It would have been more comfortable to progress with the character a bit more on the left side of the screen so that you can have a better chance to react.


As for the presentation, the game has a look that will remind you of the old-school 8-bit era, with a boxed 4:3 screen ratio and an overall feel that is similar to what the NES could do. Around the screen is a background image representing the main characters of the game, as if they were 1980s cartoon characters. The main music theme isn’t particularly good and was a bit too loud, even with the sound lowered. The other songs aren’t memorable, apart from the one for the second stage, which was the only one I found catchy.

Clash Force PS4 Review

As for the trophies for Clash Force, there is one trophy awarded for completing each of the first nine levels in the game, as well as trophies for defeating each of the three bosses in the game. As for how long it will take you to add one more Platinum trophy to your collection, it took me less than an hour to complete all of the objectives needed for unlocking a new Platinum trophy.


Should you buy this game? Clash Force is a fun old-school style action platformer with an 8-bit vibe and a Platinum trophy, but it’s not a game that will be for all gamers out there.

As a bonus, here’s a video trophy guide to help you achieve the Platinum trophy in the fastest way possible:

This Clash Force review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Fun 2D action platformer with a quick Platinum trophy