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[PlayStation 4] Superliminal Review

[PlayStation 4] Superliminal Review
  • On July 21, 2020

Perception is reality. That’s the premise of the fun and charming first-person puzzler Superliminal on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Superliminal review!


Superliminal from Pillow Castle Games is a fun and charming first-person puzzle adventure that is set in the fictional Pierce Institute, a location that throws off a bit of a Portal vibe here and there. You are to agree to an experiment that will take you through your dreams. As you explore each new location during your Interactive, Lucid-Induction Dream State (I-LIDS), you will be guided by an AI voice. After watching the introduction video for the Pierce Institute, and once you have agreed to the terms of service on the table behind you, you’ll be in your merry way into this charming and surreal experience.

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Things start out easy enough. You will move with the left analog stick and look around with the right one, jumping with the X button as needed. You will pick up objects with the Circle or the R1 buttons, and as you move them around and change your perspective from them, you will notice they will increase or decrease in size. You can also rotate objects you’ve picked up by pressing the L1 button and using the right analog stick. There are more gameplay mechanics that will be introduced as you progress through the game, but I don’t want to spoil them here!


Can’t walk through a corridor because a giant chess piece is blocking your way? Then you can just pick it up and move it a bit to change its size do that you can squeeze right past it. Can’t reach a door on top of a giant block? Perhaps if you grab one of the other blocks in the room and make it smaller, you can use it as a stepping stone! “Perception is reality” is what Superliminal tells you at the start, and this is the key for you to complete this adventure.

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There are plenty of collectibles to find as you explore each area, but you’ll need to go a bit out of your way to find them since they are hidden. To give you an example of this, early in the game, you can go out of the main path to find a soda machine in a dark corridor. The game will tell you that you shouldn’t be there and that you should return right away. But if you grab a can of soda and bring it with you to the previous room, you can make it grow in size until you can use it to reach a hidden blue chess piece in the upper left corner… that is if you use the nearby block to climb on top of the can, grab the block to place it on top of the can, and use that to reach the chess piece!

Oh, and you should also keep your eyes peeled for any fire extinguishers and fire alarms you find since you’ll need to empty all fire extinguishers and activate all fire alarms for some trophies. You will also need to find some blueprints here and there and a few constellations, and as you make your way to the hidden areas where they’re located, you will also find more fire extinguishers to deplete and more fire alarms to activate.

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Superliminal has a Platinum trophy waiting for you, but due to the different collectibles you need to find, as well as having to learn all of the basics during your first run, this is a game you’ll be playing from start to finish more than once. Along with the aforementioned trophies for fire extinguishers and fire alarms, you can also unlock trophies for miscellaneous objectives such as breaking a can of soda, recycling a can of soda, and for beating the game in less than an hour and in less than 30 minutes – a pair of objectives that are best left for your second or third run with the game.

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I had a lot of fun playing Superliminal on PlayStation 4. The whole experience was over in around three hours or so, which was the perfect size for this puzzle adventure. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a sequel for this one and seeing what the team at Pillow Castle Games can come up with for new puzzles and even new gameplay mechanics. Superliminal is unlike any other puzzle game, and it’s one I recommend you get on Sony’s console. Superliminal is out now on PlayStation 4 for a $19.99 asking price.

This Superliminal review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Pillow Castle Games.

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Very fun first-person puzzle game in which perspective is everything