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[Beyond PlayStation] Neversong Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Neversong Review
  • On July 31, 2020

Neversong from Serenity Forge and Atmos Games is a Metroidvania that deals with loss and hope. Learn more about this gem in our Neversong review!


In Neversong from Serenity Forge and Atmos Games, you will take on a Metroidvania in which you will take on the role of Peet, who is dealing with a sense of loss after waking up from a coma, only to realize that Wren – his girlfriend – is nowhere to be found. That’s when you remember: she was kidnapped! This is the second game from Atmos Games, who gave us the excellent Pinstripe – which you should also check out on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4.

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You will take control of Peet soon after the intro cutscene, moving with the left analog stick, jumping with the B button. You can interact with things with the X button. As the game’s name suggests, songs are going to play a part in this particular adventure, so you’ll be collecting a handful of songs that you will need to play at different times to progress through Neversong. It is thanks to a song that you’ll gain access to the Redwing Slugger, a bat you’ll swing with the Y button to attack. Once you get your hands on a pair of magnetic gauntlets, the game will open up a bit.

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Your first stop, after interacting with a handful of NPC you will find in town, will be the Spiderian Sewer. It seems that a couple of the characters you chat with saw a man take Wren in there, so off you go to try and save the day. I do want to mention that all of the characters that you’ll meet are fully voice acted and that the cast does a terrific job at making each one of them feel different and unique. Once you help one of the NPC, you’ll open the way to the Spiderian Sewer, where you will face your first dungeon-like challenge.

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While playing Neversong, you should always interact with fireplaces when you find them. Why? Because fireplaces act as the game’s save points, so lighting up a fire will allow you to save your progress. As you explore, you should collect as many Heart Fizzles as possible. If you collect 100 of them, then you’ll be rewarded with an extra heart for your health bar! And speaking of collectibles, be sure to search high and low so that you can find the many cards that hidden all over the place. When you find one, equip it to change Peet’s look!

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Neversong is a fun Metroidvania that deals with some very real issues, all wrapped in a game with a great presentation, a solid voice cast, and an entertaining adventure that does not overstay its welcome. It’s a short experience that you should be able to complete in 3-4 hours or so, which is not a deal-breaker for this $14.99 game on Nintendo Switch. Will you be able to solve the mystery of Wren’s kidnapping and the disappearance of all of the adults?

This Neversong review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Serenity Forge.

Review Overview

Solid Metroidvania with an interesting art style and fun gameplay mechanics