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[Beyond PlayStation] Waifu Uncovered Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Waifu Uncovered Review

Does Waifu Uncovered cover all bases compared to other shoot ’em ups on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our Waifu Uncovered review!


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Waifu Uncovered, developed by One-Hand-Free-Studios and published by Eastasiasoft, is certainly a polarizing game. You play as Master K. Vaio, a ninja horse charged with saving a variety of waifus from an alien virus that has infected their clothes.If you fail, the world’s prettiest girls will be turned into “hot but ugly aliens.” You can probably guess where this is going, right? That’s right, you have to shoot all of the aliens to destroy the infected clothes the girls are wearing. And now you know why this is going to be a very polarizing shoot ’em up!


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The shoot ’em up mechanics work as intended. Waifu Uncovered features a variety of ship configurations, some with more health or better stats for loading more weapons or extras onto them, as well as power-ups you can collect to help you make your way through each stage. I did notice some slow down in later stages when the game hits true bullet hell territory, and I also experience a couple of crashes through my time playing the game for this Waifu Uncovered review. The game features a gallery mode and an unlockable uncensored mode for those who want to enjoy that particular content between gaming sessions.


There are three main game modes: Normal, Arcade, and One Finger Mode. Normal is the only one you can play at first, since completing it will unlock Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode ramps up the difficulty at a faster rate, and will even have you face off against multiple bosses in some of the later stages. One Finger Mode unlocks once you’ve progressed past thee halfway point in Arcade Mode, and features a wiener for a spaceship. You can control your ships movement with the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen, hence the One Finger name. It’s easier than the other two options, but will still provide a challenge in later stages.

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In all honesty, I am impressed that eastasiasoft was able to get this game, uncensored mode and all, released on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has historically been very strict with the content released on their consoles, so it’s no wonder this one ended up getting an M for Mature rating. As a heads-up, the game was indeed temporarily removed from the Japanese eshop due to an issue with one of the images in that version showing a bit too much skin, which had to be edited by eastasiasoft.

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Overall, Waifu Uncovered is an OK shoot ’em up with a variety of waifus to save and a gallery to unlock. This one is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you give this one a go, you’ll find a serviceable – and fan service heavy – shoot ’em up with a dash of bullet hell.

This Waifu Uncovered review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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A shoot 'em up that is certainly not for everyone