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[Beyond PlayStation] Rainswept Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Rainswept Review

Are you ready to take on a murder mystery on Nintendo Switch? Then Rainswept from 2Awesome Studios and Frostwood Interactive might be for you! Check out our Rainswept review!


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Rainswept is a crime thriller adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. The game is brought to us by 2Awesome Studios and Frostwood Interactive. You play as Detective Stone, who has been brought to the town of Pinewood during one October back in 1996 to investigate the first murder the town has seen in years. You’re assisted by Officer Amy Blunt, although the rest of her department wants the case quickly dismissed as a murder-suicide. As you investigate the deaths of locals Chris and Diane, you slowly uncover how some of the residents may have been more involved with the crime than you’d have thought at first glance.


The controls here are what you would expect from an adventure game. The left analog stick is used for movement, you can run by pressing and holding down the ZR button, and the face buttons are for interacting with objects and talking to other characters. The game was originally released on PC, and there have been a few quality-of-life improvements added to the game as it made its way to the Nintendo Switch. You can use the R button for cycling through multiple points on interaction. The D-Pad is used to quickly access a town map, your current objective(s), and Detective Stone’s notes from his various interrogations.

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Through your interactions with the residents of Pinewood, you come to realize that Detective Stone has his own demons to deal with. As his problems begin to come to light, the player has every right to start to question the detective’s motives in this case. This narrative layer adds a welcomed complexity to what would otherwise be a straightforward murder mystery. Rainswept makes good use of a series of flashbacks to expand on the story of Chris and Diane. These scenes make the overall story more tragic, knowing the shocking turn of events that awaits the couple.

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The music in Rainswept does a wonderful job setting the scene. I found myself constantly stopping to enjoy some scenes throughout my experience. That’s not to say this game is without its flaws. There were a number of instances where technical issues, like a dip in the framerate or one time when there was a box that just got stuck under my character as he moved, that pulled me out of an otherwise immersive adventure game.

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Rainswept does not do anything particularly revolutionary in the adventure game genre, but it has an interesting story and great music that make up for the few technical issues I encountered. If you’re a true crime junkie or a fan of old-school adventure games, Rainswept should be on your radar. The game is available now for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

This Rainswept review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by 2Awesome Studios.

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A fun murder mystery adventure game on Nintendo Switch