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[PlayStation 4] Ultra Hat Dimension Review

  • On August 17, 2020

Ultra Hat Dimension from Kitsune Games and Ratalaika Games is a puzzle game in which you must find your through a huge castle with the help of hats. Check our Ultra Hat Dimension review!

Ultra Hat Dimension is a puzzle game about adorable hats and people getting punched for wearing them. The catch is that the player can’t punch anyone; instead, they must use the power of hats to convince others to do the punching for them. Find and defeat the Spluff responsible for all this chaos!


Ultra Hat Dimension begins with a hand-drawn animated opening where we see a bunch of balloon-like creatures called Spluffs. Everything is fine at the castle, and everyone is happy… and then one of the Spluffs steals a hat and every other Spluff out there suddenly becomes evil! The opening looked like what you would have seen in a Saturday morning cartoon back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The gameplay of Ultra Hat Dimension revolves around you navigating your way through each room of the castle in order to reach a key, so that you can leave the room through the locked door. This sounds simple, but each room is a puzzle of varying difficulty. If you are in a cell adjacent to a Spluff, it will hit you, and you’ll be knocked back one step. There are often a few different paths that can be taken, but as you progress through the levels, some of them require you to find the exact path to take so that you can reach the key and the exit.

Ultra Hat Dimension PS4 Review

As you progress through the game, you’ll get the chance to wear some hats yourself, and the Spluffs with the corresponding hat won’t hit you. Later, you’ll also be able to push Spluffs to make way or to trigger a fight between other Spluffs, at which point they leave you alone, and you can go past them without fear of being attacked.


While the gameplay and most different puzzles were fun, I thought that the game’s difficulty was a bit uneven. You can get a few really easy levels in a row, only to be thrown into a really hard one that will leave you scratching your head for a moment before you can manage to figure out the solution, and then you get three easy levels in a row. When I play a game, ideally, the difficulty increases at a steady pace, but in the case of Ultra Hat Dimension, the difficulty curve felt a bit uneven.

Ultra Hat Dimension Review

Another area that could have been improved is the speed of the main character, since she moves slowly. At times you have to move carefully step by step in the palace, but most of the time, I think this game could have benefited from being played at least 25% faster.

As for the presentation, the sound effects were surprising and are voiced by the main character, which felt slightly strange at first. The look and feel are similar to an old-school 8-bits game. I was genuinely impressed with the castle interior as there are many places in each level that aren’t used by the actual puzzle and are only there to please the eyes.

Ultra Hat Dimension PlayStation 4 Review

Finally, about the trophies, they are quite simple, since thee list has only Gold trophies for you to add to your collection. All of the trophies are awarded for progressing through the game’s levels. There are a lot of levels in this game, and for the Platinum, you only need to reach the 45th level, which can be done in roughly one hour and change depending on your experience with puzzle games.


Should you buy this game? There are a few issues with this puzzle release, which at times reminded me of Adventures of Lolo way back on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The difficulty is uneven, but the puzzles are fun, so if you’re a fan of puzzle games, and want to add a new Platinum to your collection, Ultra Hat Dimension is a good option.

To help trophy hunters out there, here’s an Ultra Hat Dimension Trophy Guide to help you through the game:

This Ultra Hat Dimension review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Good puzzles on a game with an unbalanced difficulty curve