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[PlayStation 4] 112th Seed Review

[PlayStation 4] 112th Seed Review

112th Seed by eastasiasoft is a single-screen puzzle platformer with over 70 levels. Find out if it’s worth your time and money in our 112th Seed review!


In 112th Seed from eastasiasoft, the year is 2600, and most people have left Earth since there is not enough food left. A lab was created to try and create new plant species. None of the experiments worked, and the only hope left to the scientists was the 112th seed, but it never sprouted. The scientists entered preservation capsules hoping that a miracle happened, and this is where your game starts, as you take control of the 112th seed that has finally sprouted.


112th Seed Review - 1

Each puzzle plays on a single screen, so you’ll never be scrolling since you see the whole puzzle room when you start. Your goal is simple: you have to get to the capsule at the end of the level. The only thing you can do in the beginning is jump with the X button or push objects like boxes or water drops. Those objects will allow you to reach higher places since your seed can’t jump that high. You’ll soon reach levels where there are spots of soil as well. Pushing a water drop onto them will irrigate the soil, allow you to bring the seed inside of it so that a plant can sprout from it by pressing the Circle button. The plant will either allow you to reach higher places or even move boxes up for you. You’ll also quickly learn that water drops that fall from too high will explode, so you’ll have to plan your accordingly if you don’t want that to happen.


Later on, new gameplay mechanics will be integrated, such as the blue flowers that allow you to transform into a flying sprout to reach other places, but only by landing on another one of those blue flowers to transform back. You will also see gates appear at some point, that can either be toggled by a lever or by sprouting a plant under them when there is any soil so that the plant moves the gate upwards.

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With the puzzles being on a single screen, I liked that you could see your end goal right from the start to try and figure things what your next move will be. The new gameplay mechanics always had some simple levels to take on so that you could see how they work. The only issue is that pretty much all the levels were just very easy. Only every now and then did I run into the one or two levels that required a couple of restarts to figure things out, but nothing that was a real challenge.


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As for the trophies, you won’t be surprised to learn that it was an easy Platinum trophy to achieve. In fact, you don’t even need to complete the whole game to get the Platinum trophy, as you only have to complete all of the first 30 levels, and you’ll be done since no trophy are missable. If you’re not here just for the Platinum, know that new gameplay mechanics continue to be added after that point, so there’s still some interesting twists to the 2D puzzle action.

112th Seed PlayStation 4 Review - 4

112th Seed could’ve been a nice puzzle game, but the level designs and general puzzle difficulty made it feel too easy for me. I was left wanting more after playing the game, hoping that the difficulty would be dialed up a bit more. But if you’re looking for a short and fun and short 2D puzzle game with an easy Platinum trophy, check out 112th Seed on PlayStation 4, since it’s out for a low $4.99 asking price.

This 112th Seed review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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Easy puzzle game with an easy Platinum trophy