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How GTA V has Managed to Survive Almost a Decade

How GTA V has Managed to Survive Almost a Decade

GTA V has been around on the PlayStation family for a while now – not to mention how other entries in the series have also found a home on PS – It’s time to take a look back at GTA V’s immense popularity, including the Diamond Casino expansion and the best international online casinos for curious players!

GTA V and its Impressive Longevity

Released all the way back in 2013, GTA V remains immensely popular to this day. But, how was this longevity achieved? It isn’t a unique case. Skyrim also spans multiple generations of consoles and The Witcher 3 has recently received a resurgence in interest, thanks to the TV show. But prolonged popularity is rare for video games, so why has GTA V become such a solid fan favorite?

Quirky International Online Casinos for GTA Players

One of the most interesting aspects of GTA V is the online mode’s Diamond Casino and Resort, a DLC that was named the 2019 Best Game Expansion at the Golden Joystick Awards. It’s not the only console betting game or expansion out there. Others include Pure Hold ’em World Poker Championship and Prominence Poker, but it’s certainly the best known and most popular one on PlayStation.

Naturally, playing at a casino in a game is something that’s relatively new – and yet also a bit old – to the world of consoles. If playing at Diamond Casino has whetted your appetite for online casinos, you better to try your luck at some of the best betting sites. After all, the main draw of betting is to finish ahead, and the easiest way to do that is to make use of the many welcome no deposit bonuses real casinos offer, allowing players to try and win cash without needing to risk a penny.

Games vary from old school classics such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette to a wide variety of slots covering themes from Ancient Egypt and Norse mythology to sports and spies. And if you’re feeling especially lucky, then you can try your hand at progressive jackpot slots, which routinely offer six, seven, or even eight-figure top prizes. So if you’ve been enjoying your time at Diamond Casino and want to graduate to the best international online betting sites, why not give it a whirl? Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Single Player Freedom

Tasty as the award-winning casino expansion is, this is merely a delicious side-dish to the mouth-watering main course of GTA V. Originally released during the PlayStation 3 generation – and now on its way to the PlayStation 5 – the latest installment in Rockstar’s juggernaut series introduced us to Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, and gamers have been playing ever since.

There have, of course, been GTA games before this one, and many of the familiar themes (freedom and fun topping the list) returned with GTA V, but something new that spiced up the game was the inclusion of heists. These special criminal missions presented the player with a choice of ways to accomplish the goal, including the option to hire henchmen to improve your chances, but with a lower potential reward for success. This dovetailed perfectly with the triple protagonist approach to the game generally as individual characters would have their own specific tasks in a given heist, whether that’s driving/piloting the getaway vehicle or sitting on sniper duty.

Another major plus point of GTA V, and something in common with other long term gaming favorites Skyrim and The Witcher 3, is the massive and engaging open-world ready for you to explore. From sports to racing, or simply exploring to find new areas and random side quests, players have a world of their own to wander. Related to this, and the racing opportunities, in particular, GTA’s winning formula of extensive vehicle options returns. Fancy cruising around the city in a golf cart? You can. Or you can opt for a helicopter. Or a motorbike. Or a jet. The sky’s the limit, and this freedom of action has been a significant selling point of the franchise.

Expansions and Multiplayer Fun

Not only did the game have a huge amount of content and player freedom right from day one, it also continued to refresh its offering with substantial expansions via DLC. The online multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online allowed players to create mayhem with friends and has been frequently updated through the years. The Diamond Casino & Resort update was released in 2019, with Gerald’s Last Play launching on April 2020. This continued support and new content helped to maintain interest and only increased the value for players who had yet to pick up the game. The popularity of GTA V even in 2020 can be seen by how it became free in May on the Epic Store for a limited time, and this caused the Epic Games store to crash beneath the huge weight of the great increase in demand.

Criticisms of GTA V

That’s not to say everyone loves GTA – either the series or the fifth game in the series in particular. For some, the levels of violence have always been more than they’re comfortable with, and some do wonder if GTA V is puerile. A torture scene involving Trevor has been singled out as a bit extreme. But it’s worth noting that, as years go by, video games generally have become more adult in nature as has been the case for ultra-popular games such as The Last of Us – and it’s sequel.

Looking Forward to GTA VI

There’s going to be a new PlayStation console very soon, and with updated hardware come new intriguing possibilities for the next entry in the GTA franchise. Sure, the PS5 is also going to get GTA V, but we do want to see a GTA VI, right? The new console will offer some new things that could help to make a new entry feel great on Sony hardware.

For example, the adaptive triggers of the new controller will offer varying degrees of resistance to make activities such as combat more immersive. On the driving front, haptic feedback is intended to alter the feel of driving on various surfaces, making icy patches, gravel, tarmac, and so on drastically different. It’s not hard to see how a car chase could be spiced up even more if a sudden oil slick or accelerating over a frozen river feels a lot more slippery. Other general hardware improvements planned include a more immersive approach to sound and the rumored inclusion of a system-wide photo mode a la The Last of Us, or Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Big games don’t always live up to their predecessors (looking at you, Bethesda), but Rockstar has a pretty good track record of not growing complacent. If they make full use of next-gen technology, then there’s every reason to believe the next GTA will be the best one yet. And, in the meantime, there’s a huge game world to play in, and top online casinos if the Diamond Casino expansion piqued your curiosity.