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[Beyond PlayStation] Lost Wings Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Lost Wing Review

Lost Wing, developed by Boxfrog and published by 2Awesome Studios, is an autorun style arcade shooter for the Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Lost Wing review!


In Lost Wing, players are challenged to score as many points as possible through each of the stages that the futuristic spaceship shooter. Per the game’s namesake, all is not lost if you collide with an obstacle. Lost Wing features a ship degradation mechanic. If you clip the left or right wing of your ship, you lose them and have to compensate accordingly, since the ship will perform and control differently. You do have the chance to recover them via one of the game’s power-ups. Do you have what it takes to chase the top of the leaderboard in Lost Wing?

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Each run through Lost Wing ends when you’ve lost your three lives. The goal is to chain together as many points as you can, while also picking up glowing dots which will increase your score multiplier. There are checkpoints throughout the levels, so you won’t have to restart from the very beginning if you can advance far enough. There are obstacles that can be shot to earn more points, or avoided if you’ve run out of charge in your ship – this on top of the indestructible obstacles that will make your ship go boom if you’re not fast enough.

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On top of the useful power-ups that will increase your odds of surviving until the end of each stage, such as one that increases the power of your lasers, or one that spawns a helper ship that will automatically target the closest obstacle. There is a lot of minutia to each run, and this has the potential to overwhelm some players at first. There are also negative pick-ups that make your ship smaller, flip the screen, or make your ship larger, which will make navigating through the different obstacles a bit trickier.


Lost Wing is a simple game on the surface. You’ll control your ship with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the Y button, jumping with the B button, and using a smart bomb with the A button. Central to the game is the boost mechanic, controlled with the ZR button. You need to boost your speed in order to build up your overall charge, and you need that charge to be able to fire your weapon, as well as to slow down time with the ZL button. The number of moving parts here can overwhelm new players, but you’ll pick up the pace after a few runs.

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There is an XP system in Lost Wings, which controls what you unlock through the game. Initially, only a single game mode and one stage is unlocked, and it can take some time depending on your dexterity to unlock anything other than the first level of the campaign. As you progress, you will unlock different worlds (three in total), different challenge tracks in each world (blast, turbo, and precision), and different difficulties (only easy is unlocked by default). I would’ve preferred if there was more content unlocked right from the start, since grinding the same campaign mission over and over again to gain access to other modes in the game was a bit tedious. There are a number of unlockable ships and skip skins as well.

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Lost Wing performs well in Docked, Portable, and Tabletop Mode. I did prefer playing the game on Docked Mode on my TV, using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but that boils down to personal preference. I did notice a couple of technical hiccups in my time with the game. The initial loading times are a lot longer than I had expected, and the same goes for the loading between each death. The UI can be difficult to read, as the text is quite small. I also noticed that the gameover screen for each run autoselects the restart option, but the option isn’t highlighted. This made it confusing when pressing A started a new run, even though no option on the screen was highlighted.

Lost Wing is a fun pick up and play arcade shooter, as long as you have the time to dedicate to unlocking all of the modes in the game. A few technical hiccups aside, I did enjoy the breadth of options for tackling each run through the game. Lost Wing is available on the Nintendo eShop for $7.99.

This Lost Wing review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 2Awesome Studio.

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