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[PlayStation 4] RogueCube Review

  • On September 11, 2020

RogueCube from Bipolar Dawn and Ratalaika Games is a new roguelike twin-stick release on PS4. Learn more in our RogueCube review!

Pick your cube and blast your way to victory in RogueCube!

Choose from solo campaign, local multiplayer campaign or local multiplayer competitive modes and duke it out. Can you capture the eight vertices and clear each zone?

Jump dodge and shoot your way to victory!


As the game begins, you are offered three different game modes: Campaign, Daily, or Versus. In each mode, you can play with on to four players locally, which is great for playing with family or friends – while maintaining some social distancing! There is actually no story for the game, which makes this a purely arcade-style experience. Play each procedurally generated level, fight the baddies, defeat them, and repeat.

RogueCube PS4 Review

As for the gameplay, I started by playing the tutorial, but I thought it was confusing, instead of helping me understand how to play the game. I eventually understood the gameplay mechanics, but by playing the actual game. Your cubic character (there are a few characters available) has to fight his way through different levels by getting rid of every enemy in sight. One thing worth of mention is that I felt that the aiming was a bit off. It can be adjusted in the options menu, but even with the aiming aid activated, I’m sure I lost a few lives because of this lack of precision.


The enemies are some other cubes and slimes of varying colors. They hit hard, and as you learn more about the game, you’ll have to restart often. Being a roguelike, this game felt unfairly punishing, because when you lose your only life, that’s it, you’re back at square one. I also didn’t like how the screen shakes every time a bullet is fired or how it pans when you change direction. This made me feel like the game was harder than it should be because of the always-changing viewport. Luckily the screen shaking can be turned off in the game options.

RogueCube PlayStation 4 Review

As for the presentation, I’m always happy when I play a game that has procedurally generated levels, but for RogueCube, even if every level is different, they all mostly look the same. The soundtrack is a bit simplistic, which didn’t make the different levels feel any less bland.


RogueCube has a full trophy list for you to work on, and you will have to progress through the campaign and beat a few of the different bosses to achieve the Platinum. As I already mentioned, the aiming felt a bit off, so this proved to be a challenging Platinum to achieve. Not impossible, but definitely more challenging than I was expecting.

RogueCube Review


Should you buy this game? I didn’t like RogueCube, making it my least favorite Ratalaika Games release this year. The lack of precision in the controls made me feel like this game had an unfair difficulty, and being a roguelike with no continues, losing your life means you’re back to square one.

To help trophy hunters out there, here’s a helpful trophy guide for your convenience:

This RogueCube review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Roguelike that feels a bit unfair