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[Beyond PlayStation] The Takeover Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Takeover Review
  • On September 17, 2020

The Takeover is an old-school infused beat ’em up that is a blast to play on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our The Takeover review!


In a year in which we got the excellent Streets of Rage 4, does it make sense to release another old-school infused beat ’em up on Nintendo Switch? The answer is a resounding yes. Us beat ’em up fans certainly don’t mind having more games to play in the genre, and The Takeover is a solid entry in the beloved genre. Young Vanessa is kidnapped, and this springs Meg, Ethan, and Connor into action. Time is of the essence, so they rush to the streets to try and find the answers they need to rescue Vanessa before it’s too late!

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Steel Heaven has always had a gang problem, but things have recently ramped up considerably. Violence and crime are spreading like a virus, and all gangs have come together under a single banner to wreak havoc and bring more chaos to the city. The game pays homage to the many classics in the genre, such as Final Fight, Double Dragon, and, yes, Streets of Rage, which is certainly not a bad thing! You’ll be taking control of Ethan, Meg, or Connor, as you punch and kick your way through each of the game’s stages.

Each of these characters will have different stats on four particular parameters: range, power, speed, and stamina. The more stars a character has for one of these parameters, the better that character will perform for it. Range will determine the reach of your attacks, power will dictate the impact of your punches and kicks, speed will dictate how fast a character can walk around the screen, and stamina will establish how it can take a beating before its health runs out. Ethan will be the balanced one of the bunch, while Megan will favor speed over attack power. Connor is the tank of the group, so he’ll be slow as molasses, but it will have maxed out range, power, and stamina.


You’ll move your character around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, punching and kicking with the A and X buttons, respectively. You can press with the B button, and if you combine them with the A and X buttons, you’ll perform a jump punch of kick. You can alternate between punches and kicks to unleash longer combos, and if you press up or down during this flurry of attacks, to perform a finisher attack. If you use the launcher finisher, you can follow it up with more punches and kicks to extend the combo.

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You can press twice left or right to dash, so that you can put some distance between you and your enemies, or to prepare to unleash a rushing punch or kick attack. If you get close enough to an enemy, you will get to grab them, so that you can throw them left or right, or straight into a background object to deal some extra damage. Your character will also have a weapon to pull out and aim with the ZR button so that you can use your limited ammo to attack enemies from a safe distance.


As is to be expected, you will also have access to a special move by pressing the Y button, that will render your character invincible as it deals damage to opponents. This is a great way to get out of a tight spot, but you must always remember that using it will cost some of your overall health bar. If you manage to defeat several enemies in a row without receiving any damage, you’ll build up your Rage. Once your Rage is full, you’ll be able to unleash your inner power, dealing double damage while blocking all incoming attacks.

You can also be fast on your feet as you defeat all enemies on your path so that you can end up building up your Super meter. Once your Super is ready to go, you can press the punch and kick buttons at once to unleash a very powerful mega attack that will dish out a ton of pain to those that oppose you. Be sure to save your Super to activate it at the best moment possible, so that you can maximize its potential. A properly used Super will greatly damage all enemies, which means that using it during, say, a boss fight, makes a lot of sense.

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Boxes and other random objects in each stage are going to be your best friend. Why? Because once you smash them, you’ll get a chance to collect money, a booster to recover any lost health, extra ammo, or better weapons and guns, which will be very useful. Since you have a finite number of lives, grabbing all items that can help you recover your health is going to be a must… just be careful when playing in local co-op multiplayer, so that if your partner needs to urgently heal its wounds, you don’t end up hogging all the food!


The soundtrack does a great job of being a great match for all of the action on the screen and is most certainly a solid soundtrack for a beat ’em up. The soundtrack includes songs from Little V Mills, Richie Branson, James Ronald, as well as from Yuzo Koshiro. Beat ’em up fans will certainly know that last name since he’s worked on the soundtrack for every single Streets of Rage game -including the recent fourth entry in the series – so seeing him contribute to The Takeover is certainly nice.

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The Takeover is a fun beat ’em up with a 3D look that is certainly going to divide the opinion of the beat ’em up gaming community. The game looks great on the Nintendo Switch – be that in Docked, Handheld, or Portable Mode – and features fun gameplay mechanics that change things up from other entries in the genre by giving your character a weapon – with limited ammo – that can be used at any time. If you’re looking for a new beat ’em up to take for a spin on Nintendo Switch, then be sure to check The Takeover!

This Takeover review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Antonios Pelekanos.

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A solid, old-school infused beat 'em up on Nintendo Switch