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[PlayStation 4] A Hero and a Garden Review


A Hero and a Garden is a new visual novel/clicker by npckc and Ratalaika Games that tells the story of a knight that ends up on a weird path after setting out to rescue a princess. Check our A Hero and a Garden review!

Once upon a time, there was a princess trapped in a tower by an evil witch. Would anyone attempt to rescue her?

A brave hero attempted to save her, but things didn’t exactly work out for him! In a twist of fate, our young hero is now forced to repay all the damage he caused to the local monster villagers by… growing a garden?


The story of the game is about a princess who’s been trapped by a witch in a tower. A young knight, the hero of the game, one day sets out on a mission to rescue her. After fighting his way through the webs of magic surrounding the tower and reaching the foot of the tower, a bolt of magic came down from the sky, and the knight ended up being trapped in the tower. He then learns that he is trapped in the tower and won’t be released until he’s earned enough money to repair all the damage he has caused to the villagers. To earn that money, the hero must tend to a garden, picking up berries that villagers will request in exchange for money.


When you first get started with the garden, you only have one type of berries you can pick up, which you’ll do this with the Square button. Berries will spawn at regular intervals, and every time you have to press the button to collect them. Once you’ve collected enough berries, the request list icon at the right of the screen will change color, and you’ll be able to access it by pressing up in the D-Pad. In this list, you’ll find the requests you have to fulfill, and once you complete them, someone will be at the storefront to collect the berries.

A Hero and a Garden PS4 Review

The storefront is accessible by pressing right on the D-Pad. Once you’re there, you’ll start a conversation with the person who came to pick up the berries, which serves as the visual novel aspect of the game. Once your conversation is over, you’ll be back in the garden to pick up more berries. If you’ve earned enough money from requests, the shop catalog icon will be colored, which can be accessed by pressing down on the D-Pad. It’s there that you’ll be able to pay for the repairs.


Unfortunately, this is pretty much all there is to do in the game, which ended up being a pretty tedious experience. Collecting berries was a painful experience, since it turns the game into a clicker experience as berries appear on any of the five bushes. Moreover, the way the game was made, by the time you’re at the last section of the game, you’ll only be missing one particular type of berry, which has a very slow spawn rate, so you’re just waiting for that one berry for a while.

A Hero and a Garden PlayStation 4 Review

You have access to Sooty, a friendly monster that’s there to pick up berries to help you. The thing is, his help is so scarce that he rarely collects anything before you collect it yourself. Moreover, when you’re at the storefront, berries won’t grow because plants need your presence for the berries to grow.


As for the story, I was curious about it in the beginning but quickly grew tired of it since there was no implication in the story, as opposed to most visual novels where you have certain choices in the story.

A Hero and a Garden Nintendo Switch Review

On a more positive note, if you make a save at the right time towards the end of the game, you’ll be able to get the Platinum trophy with minimal extra effort. All but five trophies are automatically unlocked as you progress through the game, and the missing ones are for picking one of the five characters you spoke to in the only choice you can make at the end. Reloading your save game to pick up the other four characters one after the other will make sure you don’t have to do a full replay through the game.

For a quick and easy Platinum, A Hero and a Garden is a sure win. But, for me, it’s all there was to the game. The gameplay was repetitive and boring, and the story didn’t have anything interesting to grab my attention. Unless your only objective is getting a new Platinum, it’s best to stay clear from this one.

This A Hero and a Garden Review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Tedious and boring, but an easy Platinum trophy