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[PlayStation 4] Birthday of Midnight Review

  • On October 7, 2020

Birthday of Midnight from Petite Games and Ratalaika Games is a physics-based mini-golf like release set in an atmospheric world. Check our Birthday of Midnight review!

From the creators of Midnight Deluxe and 36 Fragments of Midnight! Guide Midnight through challenging levels in this golf-like physics platformer.


Birthday of Midnight is the sequel to 36 Fragments of Midnight and Midnight Deluxe, released a few years ago on PlayStation 4. In this game, you are following Midnight, a little square-shaped figure with eyes and a neutral grin as you take it through different levels in which your goal is to bring Midnight to a hole, which definitively makes this feel like a cleverly disguised physics mini-golf game.

The title screen of Birthday of Midnight is moody, with a melancholic piano version of the typical birthday theme playing in the background, which I actually liked very much – I kept listening to the short loop for a bit before diving into the game. When the game begins, you are introduced to a short cutscene in which you learn its Midnight’s birthday – as per the game’s title – and a rift opens up on the ground, and he’s swallowed by it.


Birthday of Midnight PS4 Review

You will move Midnight by pressing the X button, which will make an arrow pop out from Midnight. You can control the arrow length and direction, and the physics engine will render the corresponding shot based on how long the arrow is, in a fashion similar to, say, how Angry Birds handles things.


The difficulty increases at a steady pace, and the 70 levels are sorted into stage sets of varying difficulties, which will unlock at a steady pace. The difficulty was fair throughout the game, even though some of the later levels will require some very precise shots to be able to safely have Midnight land in the goal. New elements will be introduced at a steady pace so that you can learn what needs to be done when the game starts to combine them.

Birthday of Midnight Review

As for the presentation, this game is stellar. The levels are cleverly designed, and the lighting effects are great. The background melancholic piano soundtrack is also very good and felt appropriate for the atmosphere this game creates. There are also weather effects on each level, and the game runs at a steady 60 frames per second.


Trophies in Birthday of Midnight are awarded for achieving different random things or for dying by way of different hazards. There are 70 levels to complete, but for the trophies, you’ll only need to play up to the 50th one before you can see that Platinum trophy pop. If you have trouble with any of the stages, you might need to check out a guide to find the right solution to each level. Depending on your experience with physics-based puzzle games, you could end up with a new Platinum trophy in an hour or so.

Birthday of Midnight PlayStation 4 Review

Should you buy Birthday of Midnight? If you’re looking for a great atmospheric game with a solid presentation and a new Platinum for your collection, then this game is for you. I loved the gameplay mechanics and how the difficulty increased at a steady pace.

In case you need help with some levels, here is a trophy guide to help you:


This Birthday of Midnight review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Great physics-based mini-golf style puzzle game