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[PlayStation 4] Laws of Machine Review

  • On October 13, 2020

Laws of Machine from indie Badri Bebua is a 2D puzzle platformer in which you’ll control robot DR12, which is out on a quest to save the Professor. Check our Laws of Machine review!


In Laws of Machine from indie Badri Bebua, you will take control of robot DR12, who you will take on a short 2D puzzle platforming journey. There’s a company named Robotech that was set up by one Professor Sharpey who developed a system of AI that is based on neurospheres, thanks to experiments he conducted using lunar type soil. The Professor was aided in his projects by a series of domestic robot assistants – the DRx series. The Professor ended up adding one more thing to the DRx series: SOTM – the special objects teleport machine – which gave the robots a portative gun for teleportation and other specific tasks.

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Unfortunately, one day, while the Professor was running some tests with a new robot, there was a program malfunction. The robot ended up injuring the Professor – who fell into a coma – and ran away. As mentioned before, you will end up taking control of one robot in particular – DR12 – who will be using its abilities to overcome the challenges presented in the series of 20 testing rooms ahead of you.


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As you explore the levels that Laws of Machine has to offer, you will be controlling the DR12 robot with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the X button. Your goal for each stage is simple: avoid hazards and defeat enemies as you collect energy cells, so that you can power up the teleporter at the end of the stage. You’re going to need 100 energy units in total for this, and each energy cell that you collect will give you five energy units. You will also find a jetpack that will allow you to fly with the X button, but this will only work for the stage on which you collect it.


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The game does not have a Platinum trophy, but that was to be expected since this is a short indie game from a couple of years ago. Seven of the game’s trophies will unlock as you progress through the game, while the rest will pop after you complete a few miscellaneous objectives such as destroying a truck, forcing a flybot to kill itself by having it follow you so that it crashes into a mine, finding a poster for one specific robot, one for shooting a ton of boxes in one specific level in order to teleport them away, for locating a broken teleporter machine, and the two remaining ones I won’t be spoiling here.

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Laws of Machine is a fun, bite-sized 2D puzzle platformer from indie Badri Bebua that’s a solid first effort on PlayStation 4. It has easy to understand gameplay mechanics, 20 stages to complete, and a low asking price of only $2.99.

This Laws of Machine review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Badri Bebua.

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A fun, bite-sized 2D puzzle platformer