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[Beyond PlayStation] Circuit Dude Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Circuit Dude Review
  • On October 20, 2020

Circuit Dude from Sickhead Games and Jonathan Holmes is a top-down puzzle game with over 100 levels to take on. Learn more in our Circuit Dude review!


In Circuit Dude from Sickhead Games and Jonathan Holmes, you’ll be taking on a top-down puzzle game with 120 levels to beat, on top of the game offering a level editor for you to create your own stages to then upload them for the world to play them! The game was originally released on Steam back in 2017, but it’s now been revamped and improved into a 2.0 version, which is the one we’re getting on Nintendo Switch. That’s why we get the level editor, on top of touchscreen controls, and an updated UI.


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Things start off as Circuit Dude introduces himself to you. He’s a friendly robot that needs your help to be able to build a secret invention by plugging four chips onto the available sockets to get things going. You’ll move Circuit Dude with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, taking one step at a time as you try to complete the objective for that single-screen puzzle. Step over the sockets to add the chips needed to complete the circuit so that you can then go to the exit square to give the next stage a go. If you feel you’ve made a mistake or are stuck, you can press and hold down the A button to restart the level – although Circuit Dude will end up going boom!

Since you won’t be able to go over a spot on which you place a chip, you will need to plan your moves so that you can have a chance to place all the required chips while still leaving you enough room to be able to reach the exit square. The good news is that when you step over a socket, you can immediately step back the way you came from, which will be needed to solve some of the puzzles!

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You will end up running into a variety of obstacles and hazards you’ll need to overcome. These include conveyor belts that will prevent you from moving in one direction while automatically transporting Circuit Dude in the other, blue buttons that reverse conveyor belts, trap doors that open once movement is detected, red buttons that lower and raise capacitors, white walkways that will rotate after you step off, white buttons that will rotate all white walkways at once, blocks that need to be pushed, electric probes that will spell doom for Circuit Dude, gaps that will swallow you whole, teleportation pads, and more!

Stages that introduce new elements will allow you to get used to them by lowering the overall difficulty for that particular puzzle, since adding a new object or hazard to keep an eye on while also giving you a hard puzzle to solve would just be cruel. Don’t worry if you’re looking for a challenge, and this makes it sound as if the game is holding your hand because the level right after one on which a new element is introduced will immediately increase the difficulty to test your skills.

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The level editor tool is easy to use. You can start from one of the level templates already in place and change the different available tiles as needed, or get down to it and build things just right from scratch. As is the case for the main levels you’ll play in Circuit Dude, for the level editor, you’ll have regular tiles to place, as well as chip sockets, conveyor belts, transistors, buttons to switch the direction of conveyor belts, buttons to switch around transistors, white walkways, buttons to twist all white walkway, electrical tiles, switches to activate or deactivate them, teleporters, wholes, tiles that open up after you walk over them, and blocks you can push. Once you’re done designing a stage, you’ll be able to test it out so that you can make sure it can be played and finished. After that, you’ll be able to upload it for players from around the world to give it a go.


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If you’re a fan of challenging single-screen puzzle games that will test your skills in full, then Circuit Dude on Nintendo Switch will certainly scratch that itch. It has 120 levels to offer, as well as a level editor on which you can build more stages, as well as play those created by players from around the world. Circuit Dude is out on Nintendo Switch for only $5.99, making it an easy one to recommend.

This Circuit Dude review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Jonathan Holmes.

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Fun top-down puzzle game with a good challenge