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[PS4] Onee Chanbara Origin Review

[PS4] Onee Chanbara Origin Review
  • On October 26, 2020

Remake Onee Chanbara Origin from D3PUBLISHER is out on PS4! Are you ready to destroy the undead invasion? Then check our Onee Chanbara Origin review!


Onee Chanbara Origin from D3PUBLISHER is a remake that brings to PlayStation 4 the content from The Oneechanbara and its sequel, the aptly named The Oneechanbara 2, to Sony’s current-gen console. The first game managed to get a European release, with the sequel’s enhanced version was brought to Europe as well. Both games were released many moons ago on the PlayStation 2, so you can imagine why a remake for those two games on the PlayStation 4 greatly improves on everything – better framerate, better graphics, smoother combat.

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The main Story Mode will take you through the remake that is Onee Chanbara Origin, which cOneects the stories from the first two OneeChanbara games in a single go. You will play as Aya, who hunts the undead all over Japan thanks to the skills that her father taught her. Her journey will take her to search for her father, as well as her half-sister, Saki. An informant named Lei contacted Aya, saying she’d help her find them, as long as she helped Lei destroy all of the undead on her path. She was about to give up after a long time hunting and destroying the undead when she received a message from Saki…

Since this is a 3D action game, you’ll be moving your character with the left analog stick through each area, swinging the camera around with the right one. You can jump with the X button, double jumping by pressing it once again when up in the air. The Square button will be your regular attack, which you can combo while on the ground or in the air to juggle enemies. You can also use the Triangle button to unleash a long-range attack, which is going to be weaker than a regular attack but can still be used as a combo.

You can dodge attacks by pressing the R2 button, which will allow you to slide away from and towards the action as needed. If you press the Circle button at the right time, you’ll be able to parry your enemy’s attacks, which will allow you to unleash a powerful finisher by pressing the X and Square buttons at the same time. If you press and hold down the R1 button, you can lock-on so that you can continue to attack an enemy without having to worry about controlling the camera. There’s also the option of switching between lock-on targets y pressing in on the left analog stick.

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As you attack the dozens of enemies that will be out for your blood, your weapons will start to become splattered with their blood, which will increase your weapon’s degradation gauge, thus reducing its attack power. You can press the L1 button to shake off the blood in a way similar to how you would reload a weapon in another game. Blood is not all bad since your character will also end up stained from the blood of the undead. Once your stains reach a specific level, you will go into Berserker Mode.

When your stains are maximized, and you end up going into Berserker Mode, Aya’s skin will turn blood-red. Your character’s defense will be lowered – which is bad – but the power and speed of your attacks will be greatly increased – which is good. You won’t be able to stay in Berserker Mode forever, so be sure to make the most of what this extra gameplay mechanic has to offer while you avoid receiving any damage, which could end up being deadly if you’re playing in the higher difficulty settings. If you sustain Berserker Mode long enough, you’ll go into Trance Mode, which will give you an even bigger boost to power and attack, at the expense of some of your life energy.

Depending on your performance in each stage, you will be rewarded with Z, which is the in-game currency used by Onee Chanbara Origin. The amount of Z you receive will depend on the number of arms you’ve severed, the number of heads you’ve severed, how many zombies you got to slice in half horizontally or vertically, if you managed to do this to more than three enemies at the same time, the total number of hits dealt, what your killing streak was if you managed to use parries during battle, how many cool finishes you unleashed, if you didn’t use any items, didn’t take any damage, and so on.

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The Z in-game currency you’ll obtain during your adventure can be used to purchase items and equipment at the shop. These include things such as a Cure Gem that can be used to heal a bit of the hit points you’ve lost or rings that you can equip to boost your stats. You could get one to increase your hit points, one that increases the drop rate of items when defeating enemies, or one that can boost your defense, which could end up making a big difference to boost your odds of survival. You can equip up to three rings, so be sure to pick the best ones to favor your playing style!

As you defeat enemies, your character will gain experience points. These will allow you to level up once you’ve obtained enough, which will reward you with points that you can allocate to boost your attack, defense, or total hit points. You will also receive a boost to your combos with the Square and Triangle button at specific level milestones, increasing the total number of hits you can land in a combo. You’ll also get to unlock new commands to add to your arsenal so that you can keep the zombies at bay.


Every now and then, you’ll run into a boss battle, which will change things up a bit. You’ll need to pay attention to each boss’ movement and attack patterns so that you can find the right timing needed for parrying their attacks. Parrying will be a must during boss battles since when done just right, this will allow you to stun them. A stunned boss will be open to attacks, which will allow you to lower the overall time required to defeat it. Each boss will offer something different, so be ready!

Since Onee Chanbara Origin is a full retail release, that means you’re going to find a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end of the road. Before I comment on some of the trophy requirements, I do want to mention that the game does a fun thing with its trophy layouts by presenting images that depict each of the characters in Onee Chanbara Origis in their regular and alternate outfits. As for the trophy requirements, they include things such as completing all chapters in the game’s story mode in the Normal, Hard, Berserk, and Violent difficulty options, beating each of the major bosses, switching between available characters, leveling up Aya and Saki to level 99, getting five and ten consecutive parries during the same boss fight, using a cool finish 100 times, or activating your Berserk Mode for the first.

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On top of the trophies you can unlock, Onee Chanbara Origin also features a Quests system with a variety of bonus objectives for you to complete. You will need to defeat thousands of enemies during a kill streak, get 300 hit combos hundreds of times, unleashing more than 1,000 cool finishes, use over t200 items, achieve over 100 V rank results in each stage, swap characters during combos, and more. As you complete the different tiers for each quest, you’ll be rewarded with 3D illustrations, rings to equip, music, and model sheets to check out.

If you’re a fan of 3D hack ‘n’ slash games and of the OneeChanbara series, then you’re going to have a blast with Onee Chanbara Origin. This one brings together two PlayStation 2 era games in a remake that revamps the games’ look and feel, with revamped graphics, an improvement framerate, and a streamlined adventure in a retail package out now on PlayStation 4. The game is available as a standard edition at $59.99, or you can go all-in and get the Onee Chanbara Origin Deluxe Edition, which bundles the standard edition along with the season pass for the game, which will

This Onee Chanbara review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by D3PUBLISHER.

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A solid remake that brings a big chunk of zombie slaying action to PS4