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[Beyond PlayStation] Minoria Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Minoria Review

In the mood for a great Metroidvania on Nintendo Switch? Then Minoria from DANGEN Entertainment and Bombservice is definitely one to check out. Find out why in our Minoria review!


Minoria from DANGEN Entertainment and Bombservice is a game of the Metroidvania variety with an interesting narrative, a good challenge, a deep combat system, and plenty of incense to find as you try to survive in the game’s harsh world. Minoria does some interesting things to set itself apart from other games in the genre. The story in Minoria finds you taking on the role of Sister Semilla, who is accompanied by Sister Fran, during the fourth Witch War.

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Those who oppose the Sacred Office are labeled as witches. Sisters Semilla and Fran are tasked with thwarting a mysterious ceremony conducted by witches in order to protect the public from the sinners. This sets up the events of Minoria quite nicely, and everything around you stands out thanks to the superb art style of the game. The visuals for Minoria mix 2D hand-painted backgrounds with cell-shaded characters. The overall result is something that is visually pleasing during the many hours you’ll spend in the game’s world.


Movement is handled with the d-pad or the left analog stick, jumping with the B button and attacking with the Y button. The most important option for players will be the A button since it controls Semilla’s dodge roll when moving or conducts a parry when standing still. These are important for surviving Minoria’s harsh combat. You can check the map with the L button, an invaluable tool in a game that, due to this one being a Metroidvania, which means there’s going to be a lot of backtracking. Throughout the game, you will collect incense, which, when equipped, can be cycled through with ZL and ZR and used with the X button.

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Learning to best leverage the incense you collect is vital to making your way through Minoria. There are active incenses, which you can use in combat to deal damage or to heal your wounds, as well as passive incenses. Passive incenses can add interesting attributes, such as making you invincible for a few seconds after using a healing incense, which, when timed right, can be very handy. You are able to upgrade your incense as well by finding more of the same type in different areas. The healing incense you will gain early in the game will be of great value since it can allow you to reach the next save point. These save points are few and far between, but every time you find one, all of your wounds will heal, and you’ll, of course, be able to save your progress.


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Minoria is a great-looking Metroidvania on Nintendo switch that will keep you coming back for more as you get into that “just one more hallway” gaming loop that will have you staying up late at night. Minoria is a solid example of a Metroidvania done right, and it’s available right now on the Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

This Minoria review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by DANGEN Entertainment.

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A great-looking and very fun Metroidvania on Nintendo's console