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[Beyond PlayStation] Sin Slayers Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition Review
  • On November 2, 2020

Review Overview

Fun turn-based roguelite RPG with a good challenge


Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition from goonswarm and Black Tower Games is a fun turn-based tactical RPG with a dash of roguelike. Learn more in our Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition review!


As its name suggests, Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition from goonswarm and Black Tower Games is the definitive edition of this fun turn-based tactical RPG since it includes all previously released expansions that add new locations, items, heroes, quests, and story segments. You will outfit a group of heroes to take on a crusade against the seven Sinlords in a procedurally generated journey as you experience what the inhabitants of the Valley of the Fallen Sinners – packed with the souls of former heroes who were cursed upon death.

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Your group will be aided by the Blind Sage, a wise individual who is destined to aid you on this particular journey. You will form a party of heroes from the ten different class options as you try to find the right balance for your team to survive the onslaught up ahead. These options include classes such as the mighty Warrior, always ready to strike with full force, the Huntress, a fast and nimble fighter that can strike with its bow and arrow, or the Priestess, who can heal the wounds of others in battle. More classes will unlock as you progress through the game – as is the case for the powerful Northerner, a master of the axes who hails from a harsh environment.

A dense fog hovers on top of the cursed lands of the Valley of the Fallen Sinners, with the stench of death permeating every corner. The creatures you will find all have one thing in common: they crave devouring your soul! Depending on your actions, the sinfulness of your group of heroes will go up or down. If it’s too high, you’re going to end up running into some very challenging battles to atone for your sins. Are you willing to risk desecrating a tomb in search of treasure if it means that down the road, you’ll have to pay in blood?


Once you pick a location and start to explore it, you will move your party from tile to tile. As you explore said location, you’ll open up a variety of events to take on. Each event will have different options for you to interact with it, with good and bad outcomes. You could, for example, find a tile that contains a locked chest. You could decide to abandon said chest, or you could use a key to try to open up its lock. The issue is that when you use said key, you might find out that the chest is actually a mimic!

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This will, of course, trigger a battle. Battles take place on a separate screen, with your party members on the left side of the screen and enemies on the right. The goal of a battle is simple: defeat enemies before they destroy your party! Each character will accumulate one rage point at the start of their turn, and rage points will be needed to activate abilities. You can strike with your weapon to deal damage, or you could spend some rage to use a more powerful ability such as the Warrior’s Piercing Sword, which has a chance to unleash a second attack for some extra physical damage.

You can also open up your inventory to, say, use a Healing Potion to recover some of your lost health or to use a Phoenix Star to revive a fallen party member. You can bring up to five items into battle, and you can equip duplicate items to your battle inventory since each stack will have a different stock total. You do need to avoid bringing into battle items, you won’t be able to use – such as a key – since you’ll just end up wasting that slot for no reason. The good news is that there’s no cooldown for using items in battle, and you won’t need to spend rage to use an item.

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If you defeat all enemies and survive the battle, then you’ll be rewarded with gold coins, some items, as well as experience points for each of your party members. To level up, you will need to return to the Church with the Blind Sage so that your party members can continue to grow and improve their stats, as well as unlock new ability tiers and, therefore, new abilities for your adventure. Returning to the Church will allow your party members to retain the experience points and items they’ve obtained, but due to the game’s procedurally generated nature, when you return to a location, you will find that the whole map is different and that any progress you had made is gone.


Each character in your party will have one ability that it can use while exploring a location’s map. For example, if you enter a battle and feel that your odds are not good enough to survive, you can use an ability to automatically run before even entering the battle. Once you’ve used any of these special abilities, they will need to recharge before you can use them again. Abilities will only recharge when you move towards a tile you have not previously explored, which is the game’s way of balancing these cooldown periods so that players don’t abuse abilities.

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You can also collect ingredients during your adventure, which can be put to good use by crafting items such as a Healing Potion with a Healing Flower, some Mystical Dust, and some Pure Water, a Dagger by using an Old Broken Sword and seven pieces of Metal, or a Star Ring, from a Red Stone Ring, seven pieces of Metal, and three Old Tools. There are Potions, Weapons, Armor, Artifacts, and some Miscellaneous items such as Keys, Disarming Kits to disarm a trap you might run into, or a Dispell Scroll to remove a debuff from one of your characters.


Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition features an in-game achievement system with a variety of objectives to complete. These include things such as killing 10, 100, and 250 monsters in battle, having your entire party whipped out five times, unlocking all of the main characters, completing each of the game’s story acts, for unlocking each of the NPC you can locate during sidequests, collecting all excerpts of the ancient tomes, or selling items for a total of 5,000 and 7,500 coins, to name some examples.

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If you’re a fan of turn-based RPG experiences of a fantasy nature, then you’re going to enjoy your time with Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition. There’s plenty of content to enjoy, and given the game’s procedurally generated nature, you’re going to be playing this one for a while as you unlock new characters for your party and new NPC to interact with and to aid you on your journey, as you try to defeat all seven Sinlords to save all. Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition is out on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

This Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Black Tower Games.