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[Beyond PlayStation] GORSD Review

[Beyond PlayStation] GORSD Review
  • On November 4, 2020

GORSD from Springloaded is a fast-paced arena-style puzzle experience in which you must solve a series of challenges set forth by an unknown entity. Learn more in our GORSD review!


Your journey with GORSD from Springloaded will start as many other cliched video game adventures commence: with your character breaking out of the womb-eye, ready to run forward as you paint each path in your color and your color only. This will not be an easy journey, as there will be weird giant heads floating around in your fever-induced dreams, with stages that will ask that you also complete other tasks to move forward. Can you paint the entire map within a given amount of time? Do you have what it takes to get a killing streak before your opponents are victorious?

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In GORSD, you will move your character with the left analog stick, shooting your one bullet with the right analog stick. You need to be careful because this single bullet can also end your life! You can use the right analog stick to select the direction in which you want that bullet to travel when it finds a fork on its path, and if you’re fast enough, you can even catch it with the ZL or ZR buttons. But you do need to be aware that you cannot catch the bullets from others. Oh, and when you try to catch your own bullet, your character will not be painting any of the squares it walks over.


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You will be taking on a single-player Story Mode campaign as the creature that managed to exit the womb-eye, lighting up peculiar symbols with the mysterious energy you possess. Do well, and you will please the giant-headed worm, horse, cyclops, and dragon entities you will face in this adventure. Perform poorly, and you will be sent before said aforementioned entities, which will demand your sacrifice so that you can be reborn. Your new form? A worm, because only a worm can take the easy way out and take on the many stages the game will throw at you at a lower difficulty. If you prove to be worthy, you can ask to recover your former shape and, therefore, the previous difficulty setting.

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The first thing that will pop – along with the bizarre setup – is the pixel art for the game. It does a great job of complementing the pixel-perfect precision you will have to develop as you play if you want to defeat the many opponents you will face in the different match types that GORSD has to offer. Deathmatch, domination, time puzzles, standard matches, GORSD will mix things up to keep you entertained as you hone your skills. There’s some nice attention to detail here as well, such as how, when you are reborn as a lowly worm, you leave behind a trail of blood, which probably represents the mistakes made in your former life.


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GORSD is definitely a very unique game on Nintendo Switch with a premise that helps it stand out on Nintendo’s hybrid console. It shares some overall arcade-style elements of classics such as Pac-Man, Qix, and Bomberman, blended into a pixeltastic concoction that offers a bizarre yet fun experience. Add the eclectic soundtrack that jumps all over the place, the local multiplayer option for up to four players, and you have a game unlike anything else on the console.

This GORSD review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Springloaded.

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Bizarre and unique arcade-style single-player and multiplayer game